Will the Future Be Human? – Yuval Noah Harari

What can we learn from a history of the future? Historian Yuval Harari takes us on a journey through technological development and challenges leaders to develop a substantive vision of what it means for society, politics, religion and ideology.

Introduced by
Β· Gillian R. Tett, Managing Editor, US, Financial Times, USA

Β· Yuval Noah Harari, Professor, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


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  1. AI thrives only when we humans are ruled by our egoic mind (identified with time-bound mind-body-beliefs) its heedless desires and fantasies, when we have forgotten that each of us have a direct connection with the spirit/life force/timeless source energy/unbounded awareness/infinite quantum field beyond measurable data

  2. That's not the future I will be working towards.
    I want autonomy of my own mind, I want the freedom walk this world in the most natural sense.
    I don't need machines telling me who I am or what I decide I want to be.
    As a person who works in automation, technology belongs external to the human form, not inside it.
    We are not the borg.

  3. The answer to this question of digital health or biodigital health and dictatorship is for people to take a preventative course in relation to one's health but, having said that, it may be becoming much more difficult if our foods are chemically modified or chemically infiltrated leading to health issues. Now, when this happens it means that we are controlled within the scientific and medical fields, which if not well intentioned individuals wanted to, they could coopt and use for lucrative purposes. In any event we will not have any control over what happens to us, as many have been forced to relinquish lands that provide the foods to keep us healthy, or have been centred in the hands of a few who can and have contaminate/d and control the foods we eat leading to our ill-health!!

  4. We will be digital slaves. We are the last normal people. Are we going to allow this? They will take over our brains and thoughts. They will turn us into robots. Covid-19 is the beginning of this transformation. They control the masses with viruses.

  5. Essentially it is competely absurd to try and hack a human being in order to make sense of that human being, because there is no other sense to a human being than to experience and express love and light and the joy of being alive. I would recommend to transhumanists to focus a little more on hugging human beings instead of hacking them and FEEL a little more instead of being so goddamn brainy.

  6. 28 : 10 He says "The big battle over what we call today privacy will be between privacy and health. Do you give access to what is happening in your mind and body in exchange for far better healthcare ? " What he and so many other eggheads don't realise is that you don't need electronics and invasive biotechnology at all for optimum health. This is a very fundamental misunderstanding which makes life so much more complicated and leads to so much waste of time and energy and money. For good health you basically need to avoid sugar and processed food and have a good nights rest, regularly move your body, practice some form of mediation or body awareness, eat organic food and supplement with certain vitamins and minerals from a certain age onwards, and beyond that there is a whole range of alternative medicine and healing. Essentially, of course, you also need to love yourself, and this may require a bit of therapy at some point, but it certainly doesn't require invasive technology. Conventional medicine is so overrated.


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