Will Twitter be better under Elon Musk? | Twitter's future under new owner | Latest English News

Will Twitter be better under its new owner Elon Musk? Will it allow more free speech or will it be more profitable? WION discusses all this with Mr Manish Maheshwari, Founder and CEO of Invact Metaversity.

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Comment (32)

  1. Elons takeover of Twitter​ is the funniest thing to happen since censorship. No matter WHAT ANYONE says, Elon has the LAST say, good luck you crusaders for stupidity. Oh we can predict the future for you, Top jobs on Twitter GONE, the current Board GONE. Let me be the first to say GOODBYE censorship clowns.

  2. Elon Musk will be New owner of Twitter.
    Musk: i will shake Twitter Management 🤨

    CEO Paras Agrawal: I just came now 🥲

  3. Get the Drs back on utube. Dr dhand for one. I know he's elsewhere but his experience is good for us. Twitter is a potentially dangerous extraneous source of bovine manure. But…time will tell.

  4. People don't understand that Tesla's second biggest market is china even bigger than EU, USA is free country musk can openly criticize government but he won't do it with china means Twitter will be pro china

  5. Of course it will be better. It will actually have more than one opinion and free speech is a God guaranteed right in America. Built in our constitution.

  6. Elon Musk could indeed make Twitter better if he could keep Twitter from actively promoting misinformation.

  7. Now for sure more Russophobia will spread like wildfire and a huge support for nazism will skyrocket; that’s for 101%

  8. So far anything that he initiated it was successful and it is for better world and humanity. All around the world all respiratory illnesses and deaths, millions of them, are linked to air polution and combustion cars are No1 air pollutant. We are so conditioned and used to have cars around us belching toxic fumes into our breathing environment. Those fumes over the past decades have dropped in toxicity, they are less detectable to our sense of smell but THEY ARE STILL DEADLY. 10yrs ago Tesla was the only electric car manufacture. NOW…EVERYONE is SWITCHING to it. Unbelievable achievement and all done by one person, Elon Musk. Every living creature will be better off just because of his vision, TO DO GOOD

  9. Very happy to see a news company acting as platform for its viewers to get expert opinions, and not "educating" viewers themselves…..

    Others just want to feed thier version of the story into people's minds without much facts, just by shouting and playing the same thing over and again in a infinite loop

  10. Either way who ever is the owner of twitter their have would have to listen to the laws of each country that they have placed the about privacy act, abuse of power, misinformation, and especially political ads


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