Will you be ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

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The Wedding
1. Matthew 22:1-14… wedding feast
2. Luke 14:16-24…Wedding Feast

The Marriage
1. Revelation 19:1-10
2. Luke 12:36-38 return from the wedding

The Brides
1. Yahuah has a bride…Isaiah 54:4-5
2. Yahushua has a bride
A) Matthew 25:1-13 were not completely grafted in, not intimate with him, religious Matthew 7:21-23
B) Ephesians 5:23-32
C) Attributes of the bride
(1) Spirit and truth
(2) All are virgins (purity, undefiled)
(3) All have on wedding garments (Put on Messiah like a garment)
(4) All were sleep (Spiritually)
(5) All had Oil (Truth and Spirit)
(6) All had lamps lit (The light)
(7) All heard the cry made (Let him that have an ear hear)
(8) All were waiting for the Bride Groom (Watching, watch and pray)
(9) All arose (Awoke out of sleep)
(10) All trimmed their lamps (Got ready)

Grafted In….Romans 11:1-26
Israel is spiritual only lie …Revelation 7:4-9, Born again….John 3:3-8
Deborah’s Dream

The body of Yahushua
1. Romans 6:3
2. 1 Cor 12:13…For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body

Shepherd of Hermas
Vision 1….1:1-9
1. Shepherd 1:2 Bathing in the river – Bride washed in water Acts 22:16, Ephesians 5:26
2. Shepherd 1:3 falls asleep , Spirit carries him into the wilderness Rev 12:14 …And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness
3. Shepherd 1:4 the woman in mysteriously in heaven, while Hermas is still on earth in the wilderness
4. Shepherd 1:5 She was caught up! that I might convict thee of thy sins
5. Shepherd 2:1 heavens were shut and I was given over to horror and grief

Vision 2….1:1
1. 1:1…again a Spirit taketh me, and carrieth me away to the same place…The wilderness

Vision 4
1. 1:5-9…Tribulation beast Luke 21:35…as a snare, Revelation 3:10…hour of temptation
2. 2:1-6…The Assembly, the bride

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  1. God also said, that Israel was the greatest nation and people on the face of the earth too! Read Jeremiah 31:7 God also said that  he has a ever lasting Love for Israel! Read Jeremiah 31:1-5 on Gods Love for Israel his special chosen people!

  2. Don't you, have too have a physical Israel first! before you can produce a spiritual Israel! I think so! First we are born of the flesh, and then we reborn spiritually by excepting God and obeying his laws! And by receiving his Holy Spirit through faith!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know you all will probably never answer my question's that I'm now asking you! #1 Why do you Hate the name Jesus so much? #2 what name did you all call God son, before your pastor mistreated you, when you were in need of his help as Christians? #3 Now let me make this perfectly clear! I'm not against calling on God or his son by their Hebrew names! Because I do believe Jesus and his father did in fact have Hebrew names and spoke Hebrew as well! Well before the white race  learn of our God and translated his name into Jesus so that their people could understand it in English! Not that they didn't have the ability to understand it or pronounce it in English.#4  Don't every nation on this earth has a translator, to translate for them, so the their people can understand, what they are saying when you are from another nation and don't understand that nations language? #5 And once that language is interpreted to them,  they understand it! Event though the pronunciation sounds different, it means the same thing, right? #6 My next question is, were you all ever baptized in the name of Jesus? # 7 My next question is what books did you all find to read, that cause you to turn on the name of Jesus? #8 I would like to know, so that I can read from those books and learn what you all have learned! please inform us your viewing audience as to where we can find and by the same books that you all have been reading from! # 9 In my closing, can you all tell me weather or not you have received the Holy Ghost, or ever spoken in tongue's according to Act 2:38 And Act's chapter 19? I just want too know! #10 And my last question is this! Can you all tell me, how is it possible, for so many people all around the world, that have been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and received the Holy Ghost, by calling on the name of Jesus, and will confirm that they received the Holy Ghost, by calling on the name of Jesus Christ, including my self! If calling on the name of JESUS is so WRONG TOO CALL ON? #11 Let me repent! I have one last questioned, are you all saying, that all the people that have been baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST AND RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST BY CALLING ON THIS PRECIOUS AND VALUED NAME  FOR THE LAST 2000 YEARS ARE GOING TO HELL? Please let me know, what your filling are, concerning my question's! I love your show but, I just need you to answer my simple question! May God bless and save you and me!!!!! Love y'all.

  4. Can you tell your viewers how can you believe the whirlwind that took Elijah into heaven was possible, but not believing in the rapture(being caught up in the air) that Christians believe in?

  5. shalom u guys r doing a very good job in deciphering the Bible and sharing some good thoughts but u both are always boasting with pride that ur Israelites and Yah and yahshua knows you guys and u guys r the first priority to them blah blah blah. since Yah has you always state given you the holy spirit you shld be praying in harmony to take everyone who believes had faith and does works accordingly. yahshua chose the disciples to spread his word and by his grace n hard work of the disciples we are grown to a very big number praise Ye Yah for that. instead of always trying to brand n impose gentiles are unworthy yahshua will take with him but not many but he will protect Israelites cleanse them and give them holy spirit even if they don't attend the wedding. it is written even if you have faith in size of a mustard seed you will be saved. halleluyah. I am sorry to say most of your sermons are of hatred on whites gentiles guess since your black ur mentally programmed to play the racism game. Yah does see your white black brown blue. guess you guys have a white syndrome. last but not least Israelites where in hand n glove in the crucifixion of yahshua. Yah would have abolished them that time only just that yahshua felt pity on u guys. you guys need to pray for one another not have hatred, boastful, prying and selfish and kiddish. seriously end days r near so repent and change. Yah had given u a gift watchman use it wisely. I am from India. scriptures came late to us but faith belief n I positively feel worthy. no problem if I am not going to heaven Yah has given me this life and I am glad he will come and slain me as you deciphered in your other video. shalom

  6. Shalom. This teaching is incorrect. The 1599 Geneva Bile proves it too. The true context of this teaching should be the Lamb's supper is His enemies that will be destroyed. There is no marriage taking place here. Verse 7 states that she who is given the white linen is "already His wife". She is just given new clothes for "adornment", Verse 9 states that "Blessed are they which are called unto the Lamb's Supper"…nothing more or less. Verse 17 even calls for the birds to come to the Lamb's Supper…The supper is the enemies of the Messiah (Verses 17-21). There is no "literal" supper going on here…certainly not in heaven..Just a battle to rid the Messiah of His enemies and we are the invited guest. There is nothing going on in Heaven folks…READ YOUR BIBLES FOR YOURSELVES AND LET THE RUACH TEACH YOU PEOPLE!!! 2 TIMOTHY 2:15-16. Stop teaching those Christian doctrines…you two can do better than this. Shalom.

  7. Jesus sucks Mary's vagina out while Yahweh puts his dick into Jesus's ass, meanwhile St. Peter cums on Jesus's face.

  8. Time in the World = money and Work people to occupied by this life so when time stop on the Last day when YHWSG come back Remembered How did Use your Time on Earth? there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth

  9. What I don't get is… If He's coming from the wedding when/where/ how did the wedding take place. Furthermore who is the bride?
    Since He is coming to collect the servant that where waiting on him on his return

  10. The marriage of the lamb

    Rev 19:7 let us be glad and rejoice,and give honor to father: for the marriage of the lamb is come, and his wife(Zion) has made herself ready.

    Rev 19:8 and to her(Zion) was granted, that she should be arrayed in fine linnen: for the fine linnen is the righteousness of the chosen.

    Rev 19:9 the same are they that are called into the marriag supper of the lamb,

    gen 29:34 – now this time my husband be JOINED(layah) unto me,

    Gen 30:20– now will He,(Yah) dwell(zabal) with me.

  11. I really appreciate your bible studies. It's very rare to find teachers like your family and Stephen Darby telling the truth! blessings

  12. Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings.I am using the right name of JC.Tomorrow I am baptizing myself in the name ofJah in my bathtub.love you all.salvation came from the Jews.from Ireland..

  13. love the scripture but we know that some people are not able to recieve the whole truth i believe you lost the flow with the comments of the white guy i come from new zealand and have a native mother but i only want to hear the word of Yah sorry just hungry for the spirit of the word do not cast your pearls before swine praise and bless your works and the adon in your lifes love and blessings

  14. This was a trying time that has became a hugh blessing. Dec 2015 was hard but once i seen you guys talk of the baptism I was on it. Then April came and the enemy attacked me hard. My life has changed forever. Shalom

  15. Greeting brother and sister. I searched your store for Israelite calendars. Do you have calendars for the upcoming year- 2020?

  16. Acually the book of jasher mentions that it took only 5 years to build the arch he gave him 120 years for noah to warn the people.

  17. ◄ Matthew 8:11 ►
    International version
    I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven

    This how I'm reading it putting a puzzle together with the Rauch
    ◄ Matthew 8:11 ►

    I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the (Marriage Supper of the Lamb) Feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven (in the Seven Heaven)

  18. Be in Engage Be Grafted in you have to put on Yahushua HaMashiach Engagement Ring til you get marry at the Wedding and become that bride and put on the White fine garment like white wedding dress

  19. Awesome teaching! One of the most encouraging thing was Brother Watchman getting some some sugar from his bride! HalleluYah! ❤

  20. Zechariah ch.1v.15 say "I am very angry with the heathen nations sitting around at ease, for I was only a little displeased with my people, but the nations afflicted them far beyond My intentions" paraphrase Bible

  21. In Genesis God put enmity between Eve's and Adam's seed black people the seed of ABRAHAM ISAAC and JACOB and Lucifer's seed who are gentiles,Cain's seed who are also called caucasians

  22. We do not have to be grafted in The Almighty God of ABRAHAM ISAAC and JACOB chose us to be a special people to Himself and He promised to never cast us off. Exodus 3v15 God gave His name to Moses and said this is My name forever and this is My memorial to all generations. The God of ABRAHAM, God of ISAAC and the God of JACOB

  23. Baptism is still christianity God's spirit is what we need to make it through, this is why king David prayed after he sinned begging God not to take His spirit from him. We must be filled with God's spirit which is our strength to make it through these troubled times we as black people are facing

  24. It's many Israelites who have brought shame upon Israel and the God of Israel because most get self righteous attitudes God s as ys come out of her

  25. A thought came to me: the bridesmaids are the Angels right helping the bride to put on their white garment/linen ( white Wedding dress) to meet the Bridegroom so the 'Groomman' is the Father the Most High and also the one whom put it together the Feast for His Son it's like He paid for the wedding

  26. The Wrath of the Lamb will start when the "AntiMashiach" show up to stir up the World because AntiMashiach have to be here to be thrown in the fire he have to be revealed first to the World that is when the Wrath of Lamb come so then Yahuah when send a strong delusion so they believe the lie so all can be condemned and face Yah's Wrath

    The First coming came with the slain of the Lamb who take sins away Yahushua came in peace and love at the first coming

    (Catching away secretly )Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the time before Wrath

    the Second coming comes with Wrath –of the Lamb with the Bride ( Saints) &Angels for battle

  27. Praise Yah! So thankful for the leading of the Ruach HaQodesh. Love you all may Yah forever bless you, and your family.

  28. All Praises To THE MOST HIGH…I pray you both God's continued will. I hope you reteach this. Your presentation is very confusing. Shalom…

  29. Please I beg you can you please help me will my 7 year old sister who is still learning about YAH and she is black will enter the marriage

  30. Thank Yah for this very important lesson. Thanks again WatchmanYahu and DeborahYah. I pray i'll be ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb 9/26/2020


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