Will you still be standing when all layers are pulled back?

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Comment (37)

  1. That sound like someone that not accountable! It’s all about accountability. if you are accountable for your dead you can acknowledge your flaws and make changes!

  2. Yeah, I Guess IT Can Be All Of That Too, But If U Really Read The Book Of Revelations.

    You'll See That The Antichrist, Is Going To Be A Statue, That Satan Breathes Life Into And Makes It Come Alive.

    Notice, That In The Old Days Of The Bible, People Built Statues To Worship Like They Do In India.

    Remember, The Golden Calf, All The Egyptian Gods Statues, Baal Was A Statue And Etcetera, So It's Always Been About Worshipping Statues That Can't See, Breathe Nor Hear, Correct?

    So, According To The Book Of Revelations, The Devil Will Breathe Life Into A Statue, And That Statue, Will Be A 10 Foot Tall Iron Man Like Robot, With Super Powers And All.

    It'll Be Solar Powered Like Super Man, And It Will Breathe In Air, And IT'll Convert The Air, It Into Electrical Waterized Energy, Like A Dehumidifier.

    It'll Be A Living, Breathing, 10 Foot Tall Super Hero Like Robot, With Augmented Intelligence, Hooked Up And Into Everything, And Everyone, Via Wifi And The World Wide Web, Running On 6G And Higher.

    Think About Dis Shit Now, IF The Antichrist Is A Statue Brought To Life, And It's Like A Iron Superman Hulk Type Robot With Super Powers , What Lame Human, Wouldn't Worship It?

    D's Kids Will Go Wild Over It.

    I'm Tellin You😏 The Antichrist😌 Will Be A Super Intelligent 10-30 Foot Tall Robot, With Super Powers And All For You To Worship🤗

    Sound Right Reasoning And Food For Thought.

    Wisdom & Peace😎

  3. You know we all say prepare. Today I wondered if people are prepared to be hungry and homeless. Many think "I own my home", or "I've stored up enough". Please don't be that comfortable or naive. You won't have that house, and you won't have your stored up goods. Not for long. Didn't you read the Patriot Act, The Affordable Care Act, and the National Defence Authorization Act? The government now has the right to take anything you have. And if you are on any type of government assistance, they can place a "Class 2 Device" aka microchip in you. Or you can choose to forgo your benefits. They also have sections in those documents about "re-education camps" for those of us who refuse to comply, and 30,000 Channel guillotines waiting in the wings for those who stand on Biblical principles even after that. If you think they won't or can't. You're bad, they aren't prepared to handle the likes of you right? Many of you are walking around in a mask and either has been tested, vaccinated, or are awaiting being vaccinated with that demonic COVID19 DNA altering inoculation. Fear of losing that job, or not having that "freedom" has many complying. Make no mistake, you'll be moving around to save your life and you can't carry it all with you. Buy a tent and learn to forage. I'm not trying to stir anything up, I'm sounding the alarm "for those who have ears to hear".
    If you don't have or can't get those documents and want them, let me know. The Patriot Act is listed as The Domestic Enhancements Securities Act.
    Our faith hasn't cost us anything…..We were each born for such a time as this, our faith is going to cost us, and some of us, all we have, even family. Others, our very lives. Read Luke 14: 28. What we need to be prepared for is preserving our souls no matter the cost.
    I'll be praying for us…🍃💯🍃🏾🙏 "Fear no evil"…. Shalom Family…🧡

  4. Hey you two I really wanna meet you all one day I will pray Yah for that moment an I pray he answer my prayers I really would love to sincerely an genuinely meet you too.

  5. I have a question, so when you say if you smash your finger does this mean I. Being punish or could it I was just clumsy and made a mistake. I really want to know not being funny.

  6. I praise YAH for your obedience to teach this message. I needed this in every way. We are in a very sensitive time here in social media. So many baby believers are hurting and looking for someone to feed them. I’m guilty of having an itching ear and I’ve been toss back and forward. It has been so noticeable that my wife can pick up on it. My attitude becomes aggressive with knowledge but I realize that profits me nothing. I’m passed the identity issue but so many are teaching on whose the people but failing to care for people in general and even all walks of like. I pray for meekness and I pray for a contrite spirit. Some days I feel like a yo-yo….up and down and my it’s affecting my spirit. 😭😭😭😭. All I want is to be save and to enter into YAH’s kingdom. Yes you are correct we are standing in that hallway but soon the bell shall ring. Bless you both and pray for your safety. Shalom

  7. Focusing on the flesh makes this movement,false. They better study those gospels&parables&repent.

  8. HalleluYAH!!! To de YAH, and YESHUA HAMASHIACH for his truth, and for blessing brother watchman and sister Deborah to tell us about it.

  9. Thank you so much!!! Been watching y’all for years now. I have listened to many Hebrews, and y’all have been the most humble, thorough, and mature (sound)! I have learned so much! Again, thanks!


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