WION Live: Army leaders from over 40 nations meet in Germany | Direct from Washington, D.C.

WION Live: Army leaders from over 40 nations meet in Germany | Direct from Washington, D.C.

– Army leaders from over 40 nations meet in Germany
– More blasts, death & destruction in Ukraine’s Kharkiv
– UN to vote on a resolution to justify the use of Veto
– A Tokyo cafe can help you deal with procrastination

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Comment (45)

  1. Long live Putin. Lord God bless Putin and protect him, shield him, save him, guard him and guide him from all evils enemies of western. Lord God give him strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge to overcome all hurdles placed by America and its Western allies. Russia is a blessed country and Russians are blessed people. Lord God bless them and save them.

  2. Ya heaven for Ukraine people and earth for complete demolished Ukraine country. Thanks for this sin promoted by US and EU through Russia

  3. What is their next plan? They gave you free vaccine and then the unprecendented inflation. But as they wanted to blame someone for inflation they invented Russia.

  4. The American Black man is supporting the Ku Klux Klan In Ukraine? How the world has changed! 🤔

  5. धर्म की जय हो
    अधर्म का विनाश हो
    प्राणियों में सद्भावना हो
    विश्व का कल्याण हो 🙏

  6. This been slow acceleration we told Russia from get fo not to do it …we sanction we cut from swift we funded them and now we will find them all the way to Moscow if we have to..Russia will never get Ukraine..nukes or no nukes America will never be extorted by Russian aggression..they got nukes half of probably don't even work we will destroy Russia before we let them have Ukraine

  7. I think what Putin may say to himself,"you Biden if really brave enough to fight me,ok let's fight only between the two of us ,no more asking help from other countries,deal?",,,readers,what do you think biden's answer?my answer?"no deal",,,,


  9. The Americans are using the other nations to prevent the uncovering of their Machiavellian activities in Ukraine, e.g. biological and chemical weapons, money laundering, American oligarchies, white supremacy world control agenda and energy hegemony…

  10. Why couldn't u guys have done this from day 1
    Less death
    Putin would know he isn't in charge
    Less rape
    Less mental hlth illness for the next 20 years in all of the military men and women and police and firefighters and civilians that our World has waited instead of helping a nation show Putin he isn't boss!!!

  11. Terrorist US and it’s poppets NATO have been pushing the world to WW3, just to wipe out their debt, someone needs to stop this and make their $ worthless, no one wants gay democracy in their country

  12. NATO is fighting until the last drop of Ukranian blood. What a needless loss of life. Russia is going to win in the end. The best thing that Ukraine can do is surrender and remain Neutral.


  14. US/NATO invaded Ukraine in 2008 100s millions of dollars, to topple the Govt, billions in arms and training, designed to get the Russians to be aggressive. This done intentionally so NATO could fight a Proxy war – which NATO has now Admitted. It goes deeper than one party in the US. I hope sanity can be restored. U.N save us from warmongers.

  15. Defense ministers of over 40 countries meet to support Ukraine against Russian illegal invasion. That's a quarter percentage of the UN member states facing up to Putin's unprovoked aggression against a peaceful nation.

  16. The Warmungers . Meet in Germany to see how to make the War last longer. By providing More Weapons to Ukraine. China should Send More Weapons to Russia 😀😀👍👍

  17. What you are all witnessing is the great Satan of Babylon itself in living color. Make no mistake about what and who your looking at. For get myths and fairy tales and wars of good and evil going on in some illusionary heaven some where. This is Satan herself and her 40 demonic imps who pays homage to thier leader. America does not want peace by any means. For two hundred and fourty years now, the play book remains the same.

  18. Russia is standing up to NATO / EU bloody insatiable apetites . Standing alone. And many are cheering quietly for Russia. Its fear or greed to stand and cheer and watch ? Worlds future yet to be decided and surely be the one we all deserve. There is right and wrong and there is truth for now

  19. Zelensky wants victims to increase support for his war. Why not surrender like France in WW2? Save towns & soldiers lives

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  21. Yes, The US gov. never liked Russia we all know it, but this desperate call to make everyone in the world hate and cancel everything Russian is just nonsense! Sorry but the US has already lost all credibility and can't lecture anyone! Meanwhile, in Ukraine people are dying and when Russia tries to negotiate and stop this madness, the US uses taxpayers $$ to ship more weapons! Face it, declare war directly on Russia instead of playing with the lives of Ukrainians + the destruction of their country.!!!

  22. All of these are the white imperialist countries. Only Kenya and Tunisia are exceptions and perhaps these countries were coerced or bullied and they gave in.

  23. It's an excuse for a free lunch, no one will do anything, they are lying anyway and anything they supply will worsen things and cause more bombing, as we have already seen.

  24. History repeats itself, Colin Powell returns to be another fall guy, why do they need another black general to be use as the front man?
    Yeah we notice and we are not falling in-line with this tool!

  25. Musk ou s America Super Hero. Free speech will not shut down facts and debate
    Imagine we get our God given right back.


  27. If anyone thinks that zelensky is in ukraine they are plain old dumb, that coward is probably right here in good ole amerikkk.


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