WION Live Broadcast: Russia strikes Kyiv after losing its lead warship | Special coverage from Paris

WION Live Broadcast: Russia strikes Kyiv after losing its lead warship | Special coverage from Paris

– Russia strikes Kyiv after losing its lead warship
– Germany impounds world’s largest superyacht
– Uk signs controversial scheme with Rwanda
– ‘It’s all electric’ at the New York auto show

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Comment (41)

  1. Sponge Bob song to Putin ship🎡 🎡🎢🎢🎢🎡🎡🎢🎢🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  2. Putin should make a quiet and peaceful and honorable exit. The war which he is going to start now will leave him and Russia broken forever. Putin must quit now.He has fucked up.

  3. I am just surprise at the quick steps taken by Europeans to seize vessels owned by Russians, as if they were angry about their ownership by those the so-called oligarchs. This is shameful.

  4. To all the leader of NATO, United State and European Nation. Don't let Russia to destroy the people of Ukraine. Your excellency Volodymyr Zelenskyy, May GOD give you strength to SAVE the people of Ukraine in the name of the SON of GOD 🌟🌟

  5. VLADIMIR PUTIN is the greatest Russian president, ever.
    He is a friend of our beloved president, PRES. RODRIGO DUTERTE, also the BEST PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT, EVER.

    Biiden is a joke of a president, more of a scarecrow.

    Zelensky is a CLOWN, a puppet of Biden.
    EU are just toddlers, stupidly watched over by USA.

    This is the right time for CHINA, RUSSIA, IRAN, SYRIA, VENEZUELA, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE and other countries abused and used by US and NATO, to stand up and form an alliance, to counter the threat and menace of US, NATO and Western sanctions, which is negatively affecting the whole world.

    America is a dying EVIL empire struggling to strangle Russia.
    US goverment is evil.
    US presidents are evil.
    US senators are evil.
    US congressmen are evil.
    CIA is evil.
    NATO is evil.
    God curse evil America.

  6. Is it not open stealing of individual property by the France, UK, Italy and Germany? War is from Government of Russia, and not by individuals. How come the property of individuals, inspite of thier close association with Government is right?

  7. Why patin revenge it was puti who killed slot off Ukrainian and soldier distroting building Putin must be punish this the whole world eye on this.

  8. All must condem Putin's actions of attacking a Christian country. Ukraine has a free will to join NATO. Putin's fear psychosis led to this war. BUT NATO expansion is equally to blame.


  10. Well if Putin didn't send it there to bomb the coastal cities it wouldn't have sunk. If you want to keep your war machines then don't to lose them from return fire. Keep it up Putin. This is costing you a pretty penny. You better stop the war before you don't have anything but man power left.

  11. I love wion and Arnab Goswami, but lately Republic channel has become a fish market, too much noise. We want news in peace

  12. It had nothing to do with the Moskva, which sank in a storm while being toed to port after a fire caused an explosion in an ammunition storage area. It was because of attacks on Russian territory adjacent to Ukraine.

  13. The inmates are running the asylum. These global fascists who serve the prince of darkness have even taken over America. Happy Easter.

  14. They asked for it, they got it. They could have done things differently to save civilians and properties……instead the hired comedian chooses to follow orders from the de facto owner/employer……so be it.

  15. Electric cars are are terrible on the environment. What do you think is going to happen to all those batteries. They will be dumped and leak into our environment. The best fishing we have is where electricity is generated. The water stays warm and you can fish year round.

  16. Wait until the food runs out in all countries, even America, then you'll know what war really is. these wars are just to cover the fact that we don't have the products to package food and supplies are becoming more scarce with China being on lockdown. There is not enough military to control starving people who are willing to do anything to feed their families or themselves. You need to look at the real bigger picture here.


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