WION Live: Multiple shots fired in Brooklyn subway | At least 13 people injured | New York Shooting

WION Live: Multiple shots fired in Brooklyn subway | At least 13 people injured | New York Shooting

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Comment (18)

  1. Let this play out before you make assumptions! Reports of explosives point to terrorist activities. Let's discover domestic or foreign if this is the case. Gun laws exist. Why not enforce those before writing new laws? Oh, snap! Why not just enforce the law and back the police? Yeah, we know…it does not fit the leftist narrative

  2. This is not a mad man, this is the work of premeditated terrorist! No question. Gunman had explosives, and ran…what madman thinks that far on advance? None!

  3. So do they have the information of the killer background?

    Muslim or not?
    Russian or Middle east or China nationality?
    The race, whether black or asian or arab?
    The motivation behind of this mass shooting?

    I guess they have zero info….. but they always claim they have "information" from their trusted intelligent about Putin, Russia, Kim Jong Unn and other countries😏

  4. Oui la pen but since macron has shown that he isn't a bleeding heart fool and can take tough decisions like against terrorism etc he seems to be more balancedπŸ™

  5. US is a free country.. Death is also free, Gun shot is also free, Coffin is also free.Overall its a Nation which raising its people in immoral culture..these gun shooting are its after effects…

  6. Want to have some fun? Go look up how many cases there are of people caught trying to illegally purchasing guns in the US and compare it to how many of those were actually charged in court. Yeah….funny how the laws on the books are not enforced yet the solution to the issues they point out are more laws….which they will not enforce.


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