WION-VOA Co-Production: Russia-Ukraine war ongoings & How is Washington navigating Covid?

U.S. President Joe Biden called for the U.S. Congress to pass $33 billion in additional security and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. For more analysis, we’re joined by VOA’s Correspondent, Jessica Stone.

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Comment (43)

  1. Love ❤ 🇷🇺… Also surprised how media companies sold their zameer once the dollar started coming in..

    WION with VOA? It's quite embarrassing, actually, to watch this..

  2. I’ve always respects and love WION, but don’t drag VOA into it, as it’s Biden’s television network

  3. For Russia to win this war keep firering missile. America and his allies supplying weapons for Ukraine

  4. If they sat at the table 20 years ago and had a discussion on the security threat that Russia had 20 years ago and the promises that were broken 20 years ago they wouldn't even be a war who knows how many years this is going to go on and how big it's going to get anybody that has a common sense it knows a history would have seen this coming so many people are going to die for no damn good reason it's all could have been resolved years ago

  5. Well, as suspected since last 1-2 weeks. 
    1. Palki is not appearing on these videos.
    2. A MF in Bharat (India) भारत attacked the CEO of Zee (who own WION), threatening to remove him; but now they have made a compromise whereby
    3. WION is now going the pseudo-secular, psycho-liberal way (VOA is full far left)
    this collaboration with VOA is a symptom of this.Also, over the last several days (especially after WION was blocked by the the shite YouTube for some time), the news bias from centrist to far left is very evident.
    All those pro-Bharat (India) भारत commenters below, especially the non-woke ones praising WION can monitor this channel now and see the bias and would suggest to them
    1. stop commenting on everything on WION, especially the jingoistic type of comments
    2. stop subscribing to WION or unsubscribe if the bias continues.
    I have unsubscribed after seeing this wion, voa collaboration.

  6. I do NOT CARE about WHAT is going on in UKRAINE. Biden SHOULD be taking CARE of AMERICANS.🤔😷

  7. Someone needs to help negotiate peace between these two, war is the worst outcome for everyone. Who will step up? Maybe India?

  8. If you believe there was a massacre in Bucha then you probably drive with a mask on and there is no help for you..

  9. Is this two different worlds because me and my friends don't have the vaccine and we continued on with our business life our friend life our dinner

  10. Take a look in reality nobody is getting sick everybody is living their life is normal

  11. Russia has completely destroyed and depopulated the territories under occupation of Eastern Ukraine. They have turned a region which was peaceful and prosperous two months ago, into a scorched wasteland of war, death, destruction and misery. I understand why Ukraine is fighting to defend the rest of the country from Russian advance.

  12. The USA sending more money to Ukraine for the war that the USA started while not helping its own citizens in a financial crisis that it created for them.

  13. Faces features colours complexions and smell of aurunachalperdaish, darjeeling and sikim people r same as chinese, So they r parts
    Of china. But brave indians r illegally occupied now a days .qq

  14. Why is VOA with WION ⁉️⁉️ we don't want a western biased media to be with WION

  15. Now i can say usa is nowhere democracy. Gun Ban that would save innocent Americans- congress answer is NO, two country fighting there’s instigation by providing more weapons – congress answer is YES

  16. Ever since VOA blocked me over an issue they could have carefully investigated but didn't —I lost interest in the organization.

  17. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  18. I believe after this war Russia will be a well disciplined Nation to an extent of neutral State

  19. The only thing that Will come out of these meetings is the people that goes in.stop commentating an come to the play ground all is invited

  20. 08.29.21: "UN ANSWERED" ACT OF "WAR" [ During PEACE TIME ] U.S. MILITARY "Caused" CIVILIAN CASUALTIES: Mr. Ahmadi’s RELATIVES said; 10 Members of their FAMILY, Including "SEVEN CHILDREN", were KILLED in STRIKE: Mr. Ahmadi and Three of his CHILDREN: Zamir, 20, Faisal, 16, and Farzad, 10; His COUSIN, Naser, 30; Three of Romal’s children, Arwin, 7, Benyamin, 6, and Hayat, 2; Two 3-yr-old girls, Malika and Somaya. MILITARY RESPONSE is LEGAL! C.R.A.N.K.


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