Wisdom Begins With Fear of Yah & Won't Deal With a Double Minded Man P31 School of Wisdom-Re-edit

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  1. James 1:5-8 seems to say if a man/believer lacks wisdom he must ask Yahuah to grant him wisdom in faith not doubting that he will receive it. The caveat for not gaining wisdom is doubting he will receive it. The doubting person is considered to be a double minded man hence that person will not gain the wisdom he seeks. I have learned to not doubt the incredible power and authority of Father Yahuah in my life experiences the past 40+ years. All praises to TMH Yah for I would not still walking this planet if I did not believe he would rescue me from my enemies both seen and unseen.

  2. 🌿🕎🌿Heavenly Father please forgive me for my double mindedness, and bless me with a single mind trained on righteousness RIGHT NOW. In the name of my Heavenly Father. All praises to The Most High – God of Israel to whom all praises are due. Sobeit🌿🕎🌿

  3. Most people think that wisdom and knowledge are the same but actually they are very different. Knowledge is the facts known by a person whereas wisdom is the combination of experience, foresight and perspective, with the power of applying them with soundness of judgement.
    Wisdom give you confidence the ability to overcome life struggles and ensure your peace and autonomy! Whistle Knowledge can muster fear and despair crippling you bringing a whirlwind of struggles that you can only acknowledge but do nothing about it which is the state of most people around the world. They know too much and therefor fear life more then ever!

  4. Shalom! I'm so grateful for you & your family! Words of wisdom, thank you for your kindness and spiritual guidance. Blessings & peace always be with you in Yahusha name.

  5. Amazing word !!!! U and ur husband have an awesome ministry and dynamic between u two … it’s clear that the anointing rest on ur household… I watched u guys the other day and u stopped him to show him a “beautiful bird” and I said lord this is what marriage should look like … u don’t get that kind of marriage over night … that kind of respect and love for each other comes through much heartache pain and tears…. thank u again for what u all do thank u even for the small little things like taking time to look at a bird during a video

  6. I give the Most High praise for this lesson. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of listening to your channel. Very thought provoking and self examining and I thank you.

  7. You nailed it!!! I have been trying to put this into perspective for months now. Day in and day out, I've been seeking wisdom with my whole heart through scripture and trying to having an understanding of ALL The Most High Laws. Most people think they have Wisdom but having worldly wisdom. I'm glad you made this video.

  8. All due love honor and respect elder. Why are teaching on your husbands channel? Now before ANYONE comes with torches and pitch forks hear me out. I came ready to learn from elder Yahu, the title seemed very interesting but saw you.

    I’m not saying you aren’t wise, respectable etc. but the fact is that you should not assume the role of a teacher. Is that so hard for you to accept? Is there something deep down in you that won’t accept that? I’ve noticed you carrying this boldness of a teacher or authoritarian for YEARS now. And Don’t you have your own channel as well? I’m just speaking my mind here not disrespecting you.

    If no one can answer with wisdom and scripture please save the bs. Straight up. Not here for feelings.

    Elder Deborah, you are not supposed to be trying to teach men..or be a teacher of this sort. You are to teach your household and maybe women under you.

  9. Thank you sis I am grateful I happened to run across this video because I didn’t get a notification. But it was a message for me I am in repentance and my daughter is full hatred towards me judges me harshly and today I said every thing that I had been holding in my heart. I am grateful for her but she hurts me . OK sis I said too much pray for for us i’m going to see if she accept my apology although she have been hurting me so bad OK sis thank you

  10. Fear Praise love wait on thank respect .. Yahawah in the of our King and redeemer Yahawashi … Bless Set apart Yasharahla … I … We love our brothers and sisters we love to cee yall together … Peace

  11. I love this ministry. This ministry is actually what woke me up and got me started. Oh, and who in their right mind would seek advice on life matters from Steve Harvey

  12. Yo skin is glowing!!!! Thank you fa yo passion of da word ‘n spreading da Truth throughout all of y’all’s channels. May Yahuah bless you. Shalom!

  13. HalleluYAH x7 To The Only True and Living Elohym TMH YAHUAH Our Elohym and shalom to you my beautiful big sister in TMH YAHUAH. Your words of wisdom is very much appreciated. Shalom and thanks.



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