Wisdom & the Fear of Yahuah in the Book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)

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  1. Shalom I was praying for wisdom this morning and reading the word and thank you for more knowledge.

  2. Once again thank you for this truth, I'm like right now is feeling it, I have the app so i'm going to finish reading it.

  3. the feaar if the lord is pure reminding that the things that come to mind in this earth with out God on the mind can take us to the depths of the nile 3×3=9.vs 666 the weight of the bricks gen.ps.rev.the 3 beans jack the hill jack dont ejaculate or jackoff.the titan that cant sink was Leonardo de.cap.reo the captain jack.whos jack sparrow pirate of what Caribbean.vesels lost at sea eye are those e,s your i to see or the o,s in look kill the animals on oldmcdonald farm.the farms the mind an the beanstalks the spine giants in your mind the golden eggs mine.lors of the 9 look up get the angle of trice.the great great 119 v,s 911 build back the spine stand tall giants put your heart in zion and heads in the galaxy dont eat from the apple of the i.the trees your spine put that surpant on the head and hold the apple or appetite. judah the titans must rise.

  4. The stories remind me of my son, he wanted to go over to his friends house and I told NO, to stay home! Well I turn my back and was I was watching TV, it was not a good 2 minutes, he slip out the door and a lady came to my front and said my son had been hit by a car, the back of his split open! Disobedience, this is why the Most High say obey your parents!

  5. Every season a new look. I be watching your old videos and the music is like a throw back taking me back to 2015 or 16 then I be like Wow! I was doing this at that time now I'm here. Halleluyah big change.

  6. Not to be on some dark stuff but I always use to wonder about 1 of my boys. He did like 4 years in juvi came home at 16. 1 day a kid shot at him in front of my Mothers building. The bullet went in between his legs right through his paints. He ran around telling us "im like Superman bullets bounce off me". 2 weeks later they did a drive by and he was hit in the back. Died at 18. He didn't thank the Most High. I had a friend die in a car accident then another guy then I got into 1 with my friend he got 15 stitches above his eye and my collarbone was dislocated for a few years. That car was totalled but when I jumped out I Thank God so Hard because I was the 3rd accident that year and lived. Back in 03 I went back to jail a few weeks later after just getting out doing 4 months now I'm back doing close to 2 with a messed up collarbone in jail. This was for driving no license, registration, insurance nothing. Just doing me.

  7. HalleluYah!! They're reading from my favorite book. Todah YAH!! I was just telling YAH the other day, that I need to get back into this book.

  8. Thank you💓❤ watch man & Deborah❤💓 for all the teaching I'm really loving it biggest fan😍😀 yahuah bless😍😀💓❤💖

  9. To fear of Yah is having your checks and balances in line. Pride is sinful and one heck of a demon to have to get rid of and Unfortunately some Israelites are so proud of who they are in the Bible that they forget this is a spiritual battle and they are losing as long as they focus on division vs. gaining Yah's spiritual insight and praising him.

  10. I am so thankful for your teachings, they have helped me to navigate through this new found truth. May the most High bless you and your family immensely!

  11. Hello, I’m new to your channel and was recently watching a teaching and would ask some clarification on a topic. You mention Yah would not have us to “turn the other cheek” and this was a doctrine taught in Christianity. I read a verse Matthew 5:39 where we should do this. What is your understanding of this verse as it pertains to your teachings? I thin the video was about blessing and cursing your enemies… and how we have the authority to curse… I’ve also prayed for understanding on this topic as I was confused by your statements. Also, thank you for your teachings, I’ve learned a lot from your ministry. Yah bless you!

  12. very educational and very helpful all praises and glory to the most high yah thank you family for your teachings and sharing knowledge may abba yah continue to bless you all and keep you all safe shalom family

  13. In my copy of the Cepher SIRACH, it doesn't line up Ecclesiastes of the Bible NIV translation, could someone explain, please.
    Thank you.

  14. How do we know if it's Father Yah Satan. Because I thought it was something bad happened to us it was always Satan..

  15. Hi there I joined your group on the web and I wanted a Yah necklace in Hebrew isrealite but I live in the Caribbean.

  16. Can anyone answer my question please.When you go under the water in an emersion are they supose to say in the name of Yahusha?Some people i know baptize in the name yahuah .Im still learing .Im trying not to be lost in this subject.they also told me that yahusha is not Yahuah.Can you give me some clarity on this mater.Thank you so much

  17. I really enjoyed listening to your podcast message today on sabbath. very powerful thank you sharing shalom


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