Witchcraft and "Roots" How can one know if someone has put a curse on you? Ask Watchman

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  1. my Girlfriend(ex-Broke soul ties) must have cast a love spell on me i found a hoo-doo doll that was waved over a candle after she died( 12 yrs never knew she played with this stuff),,, first am i right and second how do I destroy it,, (Soon after) the veil to other side became weak at first I was in sheer terror but I am getting stronger. But for some reason as soon as I break a stronghold another appears (ones that I never even had a issue with) It is crazy.

  2. How can we talk to you all personally? How much does it cost? Not to be funny but if worldly people can charge i don't mind paying God's children.

  3. Oh no not u two again !! I have a problem why do all the ones I love in the Bible have black names to the 12 patriarchs could like black people .i have a right to know we're they all black folks ? Did Persia take over Israel look i have a right to know!! How do the white people for into this picture

  4. I have a good heart you mean to tell me if I don't have African Jew then your God isn't my God ? Then where the hell did I come from who am u

  5. Look I could be wrong but Persia is from Greece what if they pushed back the true black Hebrews and took the middle east and mingled their seed out of slavery .so who am I do I got into this because I want your God to be my God because he is righteous!! So I will serve and do what he wants to fashion me but you all will have to share God

  6. And he would have to allow me if not then I might as well not be alive because there is nothing of this world I want so I would be a list soul don't let that happen to me my friends please pray for Karen

  7. I’m Muslim myself , and I know I’ve been cursed , too many things to mention of how my life has been the last 12 years. I’ve been to a religious priest but his cleansing did not work . What do you think I should do ? Thankyou

  8. Get Born Again. Plead the Blood of Jesus. Fast and Pray. Reverse every curse in Jesus name that been sent against you. Stay away from those people.

  9. Amen!. I had the curse put on me and when I found jehovah he stopped them and it. I promise you, what they are speaking are facts. Do it jah way and I guarantee he will STOP / put an END to the demon's that haunt you. Thank-you for this video. Ppl really needed to hear this message.

  10. This was really good this really blessed me in Jesus name! I pray the day that Muslims, Hebrew Israelites and Christians can teach good word without bashing each other because Christians don’t preach that it’s ok to have little idols around because we are no longer under the law .. I am a Christian been one for a very long time and that is not preached! We are all the seeds of Abraham.. The Christian.. The Muslim .. The Jew.. three fold chord not easily broken.. you two are awesome I’m watching this video again because it really enlighten and blessed my soul so much!

  11. I fast and pray but it doesnt break. Headache and stomach pain. I dont know the source this makes me hopeless sometimes feels like I dont want to keep going. i proclaime Gods Word I are in spiritual warfare everyday still attacks…… have u advice bless

  12. Every person i dated for a while there dad dies ? Does that mean someone did that to me ?

  13. Idk if i been witchcraft me and my husband been fighting alot i kinda blame myself for it because sometimes i would start the problem i had so much hate and anger in my heart for my husband when i felt that i felt like leaving the house badly going to the street i felt hesitation and i panicked i also felt anxiety i wanted to leave the house badly because i wasn't happy idk if it part of wichcraft i moved out and when i came back i cried and asked my self why did i came back something inside of me made me cry i didn't felt the same i felt like i entered a strangers house a few days later my mom was praying for me i now feel happy and comfertable idk if my ex is doing wichcraft on me cuz his the only one that keept my pics

  14. I noticed I had disliked this video but it wasn’t intentional at all. I might be overthinking but If not I wonder if that affirms me if I’m being cursed or not

  15. I love y'all teaching how can i get intouch with yall. I have questions on something's.may the most high bless and keep your family.

  16. I believe people can put curses on your mind cause everything begins in the mind. I have never practiced witchcraft so I don't know how these things work. I also believe people who are thinking about you can cause you to be uneasy, i can't explain it.

  17. Don't tell someone "its none of your business", or "I don't want you here" and expect them to be around and care for you.

  18. I need help…i need to find someone who can help me banish a voodoo spell or if it is what i am dealing with! Im native and believe native ways but my omaha ways similair to church ways in a way..i am also a empath and other gifts i can not say! But i was told i was weak minded i got hot! Because of this covid i cant get the help i need

  19. This was amazing and these 2 are such a blessing❤️I just love the way he looks at her 😍 I pray that my husband will love me that way ❤️


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