Witnessing to Family and Friends

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  1. YES YES YES! THIS is my favorite video so far. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! THIS is right on time.

  2. It's sad when teachers are not willing to sit down and have a dialog with one another, and expound their differences on scriptures. And wonder why family members and others aren't willing to hear what they have to say.

  3. I really needed to hear this message watchman..I am currently the ONLY person in my family who has come in the truths of The Most High Yah and his word..I am a pastor's daughter..so witnessing to my family is indeed a task that can only be done through the Spirit of Yah..lol..Thank you for sharing these tips and I always enjoy hearing you and Sister Deborah teach together, along with the children…Shalom

  4. HalleluYAH praise be to YAHUAH, thank you for helping me to deal with approaching people and knowing how to be still and let the ruach of YAH to speak…HalleluYAH glory 🙌🏽❤🙏🏽 to YAHUAH

  5. Living your life in righteousness , is the greatest witness, this I believe will possibly draw them, to Yah. Be consistent in your walk.. turn not to the right or the left…

  6. I left Christianity years ago but my mother is in deep. She's 83 years old and keeps trying to get me to go to church with her. How do I tell her I don't want to go because it's not what Yah wants and I will only do what he wants me to do? I don't want to hurt her.

  7. Good lesson but I can’t keep my eyes off the pumpkin 😍🥰. She needs a cold teething ring; she’s teething .

  8. YAH send people my way…set the stage…and governs my speech…by the time I realize this I Praise him for being his wrench

  9. Amen Brother Watchman, we definitely can't beat people over the head with our Bibles! Great Teaching, All Praises Unto The Most High. 🤗❤

  10. Lol..

    Can't come in Blowin up the spot, beating ppl up side the head & Swinging the Torah Swoard.. lol


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