MOB: No I’m not saying this is and I’m not saying this isn’t but could this be used with Sunday most definitely.

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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. "But the social credit system didnt just come out of nowhere"… uhhhh duh, it came from Demolition Man. JOHN SPARTAN you are fined one credit! edit My bad I typed that while watching the video, and hadnt seen your referrence to the movie. So… EXACTLY!!!! and the semsor to make that possible was alexa before alexa.

  2. Tested in India, where they leave people who didnt or wont sign up starving. Who controls the food controls everybody…now china, next the US… new world order, one world currency, one world government, one world religion in the form of the sunday law, which will effect, us Hebrews, the jews, and SDA. Then that one world anti christ leader. But the future will be played out different because we are the true Isrealites. No left behind scenario will work now. It all happened so soon. I am NOT 100% ready BUT, I'm waiting on YHWH bc we are to lean not on our own understanding ackowledge HIM in all our ways and HE shall direct our paths. YHWH bless protect and prosper you and your family.

  3. Bro this make so much since of the #NERSA Act to wype all debt and also crytocurrency is becoming mainstream! This is the only way they control you by your phone. Early version of being chipped by the hand.

    Great Correlation "Demolition Man"

  4. Don't take the mark of the beast…. They already r doing it in China the older man in China said his score is low and he can't drive his car r travel no where because of it PPL PLEASE DONT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST BECAUAE THEY WILL HAVE FULL CONTROL OF U IF U GET THAT CHIP THE SAME WAY THEY CAN CUT OFF UR PHONE THEY WILL BE ABLE TO CUT U OFF "THINK" BEFORE THEY MAKE IT ILLEGAL

  5. Where can I find the animated cartoon/series of Yahusha Hamashiach you tend to show at the end of your videos? I would love to watch it and share it with my family and children. Thank you and shalum!

  6. I'm not surprised, but I did find it interesting it's refered to as "body crypto currency*, I thought this was the surveillance state, granted, smart devices make it easier for hidden figures to keep track of us, more than before, but also Yah is on my side, I'm not worried, what have I to fear?

  7. Psalm 2:2,3,4,5 The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against Abba YAH'UAH and against his anointed saying.
    3. Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.
    4. He that sitteth in the firmament shall laugh, Abba YAH'UAH shall have them in derision/scorned.
    5. Then shall he speak to them in his wrath and vex them in his sore displeasure.

  8. Yisrael, pray for each other and keep the laws commandments and statues of The Most High Yah, and although we will be judged, judgement and punishment is for his Enemies not his children!

  9. Daniel 3:15

    Now if you are ready at the time you hear the sound of the horn, flute, harp, lyre, and psaltery, in symphony with all kinds of music, and you fall down and worship the image which I have made, good! But if you do not worship, you shall be cast immediately into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. And who is the god who will deliver you from my hands?โ€
    โ€œ 200.00 credits were deposited into your account, have a nice day. โ€œ

  10. The Elite funded Lenin to experiment Socialism in the USSR. They took decades to study, analyse and perfect their own Global Marxism that the MAGA guy intercepted on behalf of humanity.
    Now another icing on the cake for them that we their slaves awaiting the rolling out of yet another chapyer using China.
    Only Jesus Christ will save humanity. Trusts my word.
    My social credit must be minus 200k

  11. What Does Bi dy (THEIR SYSTEMS Agendax) + Ro me + Den is Smal+ Changing the times Dion ys Exigu 6th cent (Little horns) Cri mea + Trans hue man ism + Mark ID
    + Zaxxines (Genยฒ ocid) + Right To Pro tect + Glas Stea gall Act Den is Smal + Antio chus Alex Gre at chil hood friend 6 6 6 have in common= Rev. 13



    Understand Overstand Pre-Awareness Post Awareness Historical Facts Scriptural Truths Remedies = We hold The Keys to The Kingdom
    Whatever We Bind = Contracts made On Earth shall be bound in Heaven and Whatever We Loose= Null and Void On Earth shall be Loose in Heaven The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against Us!

    Yes Understanding + Judgements

  12. Shalum Bro. Sis. Our Bodies is My Yah's Temple

    Blessings + Peace + Love Grace be Upon You Who Come in the Name of My Yah!
    Watch and Pray We Have The Keys Understand Overstand

    Null and Void All Wea pons Formed Against Us

    Thank You Brother for Your Work. Here is more information.

    Zaxxs= DAXX Multiple species's Protein/ Death DAXX/ biochem= Eugenics

    Research= DAXX promotes Tumorigenesis + disease progressions=
    Death domain-associated protein (DAXX) expression (Research)


    Invasive Fungi = Polymerase II + Terminal Domain

    Zaxxs= DAXX Multiple species's Protein/ Death DAXX/ biochem= Eugenics= Death Domain

    Research= DAXX promotes Tumorigenesis + disease progressions

    Understand Overstand Pre-Awareness Post Awareness Historical Facts Scriptural Truths

    If you Trust in a man (in this case Eugenicists and their Cohorts Sorceries Will preserve Life… Get it.) You will surely be Deceived.

    Can cers= Viral Vectors Transfections Reconstitute Proteins are inherited Indeed How did they get in the Human Genome

    Via Site: The code and beyond: transcription regulation by …
    RNA polymerase II from http://www.nature.com
    by KM Harlen ยท 2017 ยท Cited by 198 ยท Related articles
    Mar 1, 2017 โ€” The carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) of RNA polymerase II (Pol II) is composed of repeats of the

    Understand Overstand Pre-Awareness Post Awareness Historical Facts Scriptural Truths

    If you Trust in a man (in this case Eugenicists and their Cohorts Sorceries Will preserve Life… Get it.) You will surely be Deceived.

    Can cers= Viral Vectors Transfections Reconstitute Proteins are inherited Indeed How did they get in the Human Genome


    Remembering When ish Refused to Take Measles Zaxxines Why Re: To so called Blacks to Take M-RNA Vs it's Not Byproducts= Bovine Serum + Zer Rh + Sea winged organisms Binds Not passing through You once it's in You its program begins.

    Understand Research

    Demonology + Sorceries= Source Codes Modify or Messenger= Medical Genocide of Human Genome= Human DNA= M-RNA

    You Only have One Body= Body Autonomy + Informed Consent + Choice


    Human 2.0 Transhumanism Luciferin Schemes Luciferase + LuciRa MRNA= Bio-programming Q is What is in it and Why and The electrification of, binding to Human DNA= Bovine Serum, Zer, Rh + Sea Organisms Why? This is An Affront To The Creator's Order We are His Creation.

    We Do Not Consent We Dissent= Body Autonomy

    MRNA= Coded to Do ??What?? Bovine Serum, Zer, Rh, Sea winged Organisms, Luciferin + Amen-RA Transhumanism Schemes= Luciferase + LuciRa Understand. Changing DNA of Human By Design= Coercion + Corruption= Violence

    Medical Genocide of Human Genome= Human DNA For Profit.








    Synthetic Embryos + Artificial Wombs + Crispr Factories + Forbes investors + nano technology + biotechs ie. Nano brain computing= Payless Workforce self-service Automation Autonomous

    Wake Up! What Future?



    What does Their World Offer to You= SYSTEMS of Chattel Schemes + Monopoly Money + Propaganda + Falsehoods What does This means for You and Historical Facts Biblical Truths= Understand Overstand

    This is Message For those of Understanding.

    They have Set Policies, Protocols, Laws To give against Our Consent as Parents to Our Children and by Coercion as Adults, by Jobs + Services + Businesses deemed essential = Must Provide Proof Vaxx was Taken= Blanket Indemnity laws for Vaccines Makers + Government + (Working on Businesses) In doing so Those Who Mandated Vaccines= Will Not Be held Liable= Individuals + Families Will Not be Compensated Nor be able to Bring Lawsuits etc. Against Anyone Involved For injuries or Deaths.


    We Hope All settle in Choice set before Us, Remembering=

    The End Is Written From The Beginning.

    Diagram= https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20549496/#&gid=article-figures&pid=fig-1-uid-0

    Understand= Oh My also… Understand The Narrative being Woven vs Biology + Science 101= Your Creator, Created Your Body To Fight Any Foreign body That Invades YOUR BODY= Never Needed Nor Does it Need an M-RNA to Do what Your Creator Design YOUR BODY To Do= it was Designed For Understand.

    Overstand = However Crafty Council Created Tricky Bioweapons Biowarfare Death By A Thousand Cuts= Receive New information as it's Own ie Cancers, AIDs, Zika, Ebola etc.= Viruses = Zaxxines


    Research Viral Vectors + Transfections

    Your Cells Receive Information + Distributes Information if it was not With You how did it get There + How did Your Cells Receive New information as Your Own= Understand

    Messenger + Modify (M)-RNA ๐Ÿ”œ You will be something else๐Ÿ”™ as your cells received New instructions to Receive New information That was Not Previously There= Accept Modify RNA as it's Own Do not Attack๐Ÿ”š The Message or Modification Indeed


    Modification Messenger Transfection Virus Vectors Protein= M-RNA

    Luciferase= oxidative enzyme bioluminescence or Reporter Systems, gene + cell etc. produced from I nsects= Firefly

    You= Greater light Bio-photons without Insects= bioluminescence/Fireflies


    Fail to Remember Historical Facts= Repeating Past

    Fail to Remember Biblical Truths= Is the Difference between Life and Twice Dead

    When My Yah Return will He find Faith upon the earth… Understand.
    Watch and Pray


    Adding This to Evidence: https://youtu.be/_x9tC7U1H08

    Studies Show White, Asian of Neanderthal Ancestry DNA are More susceptible to Be Infected with and dying from Co vid -19 Researchers Say.

    So Why is The U S and others Pushing for so called Blacks and other Indigenous Nations to take Vaccines which studies show have been linked to Cancers and Death.

    Via Military 1971- 1999 2012 Zaxxines given to Military service members.



    Via Site: Adenovirus-associated Deaths in US Military during … – CDC
    by RN Potter ยท Cited by 78 ยท Related articles
    Feb 16, 2012 โ€” … was begun in 1971 ( 6,7). After the only manufacturer of the adenovirus vaccines ended production

    Via Site: โ€ฆ (2012) A novel chimpanzee aden- ovirus vector with low human seroprevalence: improved systems for vector derivation and comparative โ€ฆ 5. van Doremalen N, Haddock E, Feldmann F, Meade-White K, Bushmaker T, et al. (2020) A single dose of chadox1 mers provides โ€ฆ

    Understand and Overstand Pre-Awareness Post Awareness Historical Facts Scriptural Truths= You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free=


    https://youtu.be/eWFd_giQpy4 This Example of Strawman Arguments, Contradictories, Hypocrisy He himself Refuse to take the Flu Vaxxs after becoming more I'll than the Traditional Flu afterwards of Taking Zaxxines + Remember Let no man Take Your Crown Understand Overstand.

    Never Trust Your Enemies/Oppressors= Their MOs ie. Strawman Arguments, Eugenicists, Dirty Science Bioweapons Biowarfare, Deceptions, Boule Gatekeepers, Propaganda Falsehoods Misinformation, Divide and Conquer Tactics Covert, Overt, Subtle, Their have been many Melting Pots of Appropriations, Colonizations, Brutalization, Bastar dization, Miseducation SYSTEMS of Chattel Schemes + Monopoly Money= THEIR SYSTEMS Did They not Plan + Implement THEIR PLANS against Indigenous Nations, Us and Those who share commonalities and proximity to Us in The name of Peace + Human Rights + Goodwill + Wellbeing
    Research Historical Facts Scriptural Truths Understand

    Including studies showing adverse effects on the Brain of test subject. ie. Zaxxines Understand and Overstand Pre-Awareness Post Awareness=

    Full Body Autonomy + Full Disclosure=
    We Do Not Consent
    We Dissent Including To any Experimental probability, Historical Facts, Scriptural Truths of Eugenics, Genocide and Holocaust Null and Void All Contracts made on Our Persons Without Our Consent or Will or Consent given through Coercion, Force and Unjust Laws. We do not give any By Contract or Otherwise to speak on Our behalf to given or administer Experimental probability or Unnatural Risk factors associated with Medical + Sciences Businesses + Government + Legal + Religious Institutions Who have a History of complicit bias and Racism, and Disregard for Indigenous Nations and People by Blood and or skin color.

    Shalum Family Continue in Preparation + Watch and Pray

  13. One of my all time favourite movies that I have watched many time. What man creates another man can manipulate are remake but what the MH created can't be made by man real talk..


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