Wolf among the sheep! True Prophet vs false Prophet

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  1. Back when I was younger and my son wasn't a year old yet I asked for the third time, "God, I know I already asked this and you told me already. But look at my life and the way I'm living, I hate the way I am. When I die am I really gonna be with you? When all this is said and done am I really gonna be with you?" Back then I was still smoking drinking and partying.

    That night I had a dream. I was standing in fron of God looking up at Him and He took me by His right and and carried me off. In the distance I saw hell and I was getting closer and closer. As I got close I saw it sinking like a ship when it capsizes but I couldn't see in what. Then I arrived. All around I saw demons, wicked people, evil spirits, wicked creatures and all manner of evils huddled together like a football huddle in many groups and they were saying, "It's gonna be okay, we're gonna make it will be fine."

    At this I was highly confused, then I turned around but not fully, basically I looked over my left shoulder and glanced from my peripheral vision. What I saw was the most fearsome fire I have ever seen EVER. It was every type of fire yet it was it's own thing and more powerful then any fire elsewhere. I thought to myself, "If even a microscopic portion of that touches me, will I cease to exist or will I burn to the maximum amount of pain God can create?"

    I didn't want to find out so I turned and ran, understanding full well why they were like that. I started pulling down the different steps and climbed up the levels. As I got higher up the lower levels touched the fire. When those demons/people or what touched that fire the screams were so loud piercing and so full of pain that when I heard them I wanted to cry and was overcome with paralysis. But because I was scared of the fire I shook it off and kept running. By the time I got to the 11th floor my cat was there meowing at me. "Meow! Meow!" "ANGIE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" "Meow!" "I'm sorry Angie, I can't save you, I gotta go." I pulled down the next level amd went up, Angie was there meowing at me again. I walked over to her picked her up and in reality I felt my heartbeat slow down. I climbed up to the last floor, put her down got on my knees and said, "Father in Jesus name I pray." (I was still saying God and Jesus back then) I got up my feet looked up and shouted to the to of my lungs, "YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T LEAVE ME! YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T FORSAKE ME! WELL WHY AM I HERE!? WHY! AM I! HERE!!??"

    The fire was getting closer so I yelled at myself to wake up. During this time I saw the back of my wife's head and God grabbed me before the fire could touch me and put me back in front of Him. Then I fully woke up and sat on the edge of my bed and heard just like hoe you hear any person. I heard God and He said to me, "I will never leave you or forsake you." I was scared of what I went through in that dream so much so that my body was shaking. But because God told me that I was happy, thanked Him then sent out a text blast, 3am in the morning. This dream happened over 8 years ago. I never forgot it and still tell it to this day. This wasn't the last time I asked if I would be with Him, I asked 1 more time 6 years ago and He answered me twice. So I asked 4 times He answered me 5 times. I know where I'm going in the end of this life.

  2. How about I spent the entire day yesterday (7April) listening to this over and over again – today is the 8th and here I gfo again. Albeit rather ironic this teaching was delivered on my birthday, 6April. Ironic indeed!

  3. 🤗Much Love to you and family I know you’re setting everything up in your new place but Thank You for everything ! I’m really excited to see what the heavenly message is from week to week! All Glory be to the MOST HIGH YAH , Shalom Family! 💜🌻🦋🙏🏾😀

  4. Hello, Yah bless you so much in all mighty name of his only son Yeshua. I love this couple I grow up in Evangelic church when I started reading about the truth and listening to your speech my mind has cleared. I now fill ready to fallow my Lord with no influency of anybody . May the Lord bless your ministery of waking up all the people who really sicking for true and Lord.

  5. Wow! The prophet disobeyed YAHUAH not understanding that YAHUAH was really trying to warn him of the older false prophet because eating and drinking draws folks together and the older one could have moved him away from YAHUAH meaning he would have started looking to the elder man over looking and heeding the words of YAHUAH. That’s what I think and it’s only a thought nothing more. The younger prophet was being tested on who he would follow seems like

  6. Enoch spoke of what was to come… Abraham lead the people …. your input would be appreciated…

  7. Deut 4:1 Now, O Israel, listen to the regulations and the judicial decisions that I am teaching you to observe, so that you may live — 2 You must not Add to the word that I am commanding you, neither must you Take Away from it, so as to keep the commandments of Jah your, God that I am commanding you.

  8. They tell us to absolutely follow the law of the Most High Yah but why does she wear earrings in practically every video knowing that we cannot, being Yah's people, pierce or cut our temple (body), which is a law from the Most High Himself. It's a pagan practice. If I'm wrong please make it known to me in scripture. Shalom brothers and sisters.


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