Woman in Brazil shoves well-known priest off stage in front of 50,000 people

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Comment (23)

  1. Christianity in itself was created to keep people's minds at bay. For fear of the unknown, if you will.

  2. This happened in Brazil. Marcelo Rossi is an infamous anti-gay Catholic priest, not pastor. The woman didn't push him because she was tired of religious shenanigans or because he was fat-shaming women, which he was (he said fat women would not go to heaven). The woman is mentally ill. The priest, however, is still a bad person.

  3. Evil always attacks man from behind in more ways that one. Religion is not the problem it is the delusional and subversive B.S. coming out of the thing that narrates this video. That woman obviously lack self respect and control.

  4. I like the fact that you shared this story with the nation of Israel. I don’t agree with what she did. We don’t know why she did what she did. This story shows that we have a lot of mess that Yau is showing the family/nation of the Descendants of Israel as a whole to repent for, to line up with all of the 613 commandments, with a real loving heart for Elohim 1st, for all our people in the family of Israel, and have faith in Elohim.

  5. Every one in attendance as well as that lady are children of the falling angels. Caucasians and Asian have no idea who and what you are 200 angels are responsible for there creation but these heathens won't even questione why the look the way they do why Chinese look the way they do. But been tough that the Hebrews .. African Americans god is there god and that they believe there going to heaven. Ant that a Bitch. Children of the devil in heaven 😠😠😠 think again

  6. She thought he was the paedophile pope……. wrong paedophile but still justice on the reputation of that paedophile priest.

  7. HE PREACHED AGAINST GAY!!!!!!!! he is famous for his anti-gay position, so that clip was really not used wisely by the watchman report-sister and also JUST USED to get our attention- so the same thing she speakes against….🤔

  8. He preaches hate against the gay community in Brazil. That push wasn't related to that matter but, he was punished by a higher power somehow….very well deserved!!!

  9. Stop calling him a pastor. It was a Catholic priest. He was criticizing fat women, so she had no motive for revenge as you said. Stop lying.

  10. I can’t stand it when these clowns exalt themselves with colorful long robes and high seats. They even make themselves look worthy enough to look up in the skies and raise their arms in prayer while others following the priest bow their heads and close their eyes, praying to darkness. Yet there are still many who are okay with it! What world are we living in? Not the world the Most High loves. That’s for sure…

  11. True religion is out of the equation..
    we need to have a True relationship with the most high.. and obstain from all the religious Kaboodo..

  12. Before you make a video like this, you need to find out why she did it. You dont just assume that she was tired of the church and the priest. You sound like you are really offended by the very presence of churches and religions in the world. Fine, you may not agree with them, but it doesnt mean you should hate them


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