Womanhood Panel | Sister Deborah Yah, Sister Nicole, Sister Maryjane, Sister Selina

What is biblical womanhood?
Lessons to the young maidens
Role of wife
Role of mother
Women in media
Modest Apparel
Health & Well-being

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  1. Wait what 😳😳😳
    I can’t believe I missed the live feed on this, absolutely gutted 😫😫😫
    But … good to see my sisters gathered together βœŠπŸΎπŸ’ž APTTMHY

  2. This was needed … praises to TMH and bless you all for this. Hope to see more like this even some ways we could interact so we can get better as a community make our father proud

  3. we can mold our daughters by doing community work and teaching her community work. this is missing in Israel. we need this to mold our daughter"s giving them something outside of the house, with the house being priority, but community to build a strong nation. and teach nationhood.

  4. Sister Nicole said exactly what was on my mind to comment after the first time sister Deborah gave her take on spiritual womanhood according to what the Holy Spirit is saying. The flesh indeed profit nothing. We do not choose to be single or to get married, we walk according to our predestination, calling and justification by the blood, thus we, both male and female do not live our own lives because he paid for our lives with his blood. If his purpose for us is to serve him through married life, let his will be done with our spirit. But as he brought Eve to Adam let him choose us and bring us to his purposed destination. When we choose him TMH shall turn our spirit in a virgin spirit of excellency and a virgin spirit of faith and greatness.

  5. Loved this!!! Thank you 😊 and Sister Deborah I love you sooo much! You and your husband are such a blessing. TCA has also been a blessing to me.

  6. I enjoyed listening to wise and mature women come together without any other agenda except sharing a discussion of womanhood based on Yah's word which does not return to him void. HalleluYAH!

  7. Thank you Thoughs Camera, this was a treat, I always wanted to see sister Deborah and sister Nicole doing something together. A big thanks to sister Maryjane and sister Racheal. May Yah blessed you all!

  8. Maryjane you said a mouthful there sis about Hollywood keeping our people away from Yah! All of these organizations; especially the ones where you have to recite oaths, are designed just for that.

  9. I wonder what the inner feat of this woman is that she want to be alone. To her is a good thing, you were made to be with a man you deny soulss to be in life. Your non productief.

  10. Shalom Sis TCA All Praises To The Most High Yah I Have recently come across your channel and I find it very informative I was encouraged watching this video with the sisters. I have been in the truth for a year and still learning I’m in the UK is there any forums for sisters that I could join as I’m the only one in my family that’s in the truth and find it difficult at times especially not having anyone to study The Scriptures with. Shalawam

  11. I was not raised in no church, but my father raised me in the Lord my mother introduced me to Christ! I was not taught that God was just kind. I was taught he is a loving and a judge and he will take you OUT! I don’t know what kind of churches folk done been too! My grandmother taught me we were descendants of Jacob. All of my pastors taught we were Hebrews the chosen of God! What y’all saying is no different from The Most High word. I believe there’s error in both sides (church and Hebrew) but when you walk with God! You will learn his ways period! The Most High taught me and helped me to unlearn something’s by His own Holy Ghost Ruach! Those that are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God! Now I have a son he is taught in the ways of the Most High not the church per se! We read the word, he reads, he prays and worship, he knows things most children are not taught he understands we ain’t celebrating no pagan holidays! Like Deborah said tell them the truth and that’s what I’ve been doing and he respects that! I say often the words of uncle Joshua β€œ as of me and my house we will serve the Lord!” Deborah you are on it oh my God I tell my son Kong’s were 8 years old no excuses Daniel and Mishael they were all serving God young!

  12. @ Rachel my son wanted to be an actor! I showed him and taught him what goes on in Hollywitch! He has studied for himself I taught him symbolism for him to be aware! It’s all demonic! They are all sold out! I pray for you that The Most High will show you the way the name of Yeshua!

    Her eating off the ground is the beginning of the breaking baby! Sell your soul eventually they will have you eating feces, human flesh, drinking blood and having sex with animals they will kill you and clone you! She knows what the contract says vile things are done in Hollywitch sex with kids etc

  13. Spirit beings is fashioned first. That's a very intriguing concept. I personally would like to dig deeper into that for myself, but as you read gensis it makes sense that was what was first revealed the spiritual aspect of our essence.

  14. I am happy to see us net working together like this. I first awakened watching a Watchman video 6 years ago. I have just recently discovered thoughts camera in action and I really like it it is very well-researched and they always give receipts. Collaboration is what I've always thought we need it instead of pointing fingers. Although some of the camps are so polluted with false Doctrine it's hard for me to believe they aren't plants. If someone is obviously teaching false Doctrine then they should be called out, I agree with that. But there seems to be bickering amongst us that could be quailed with a little investigation and collaboration. It's good to see the Watchman and TCA collaborating. Oh and I love you Dabora, don't take that the wrong way Yahu, I love her in God's way her passion and sincerity shine brightly


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