Women Captives (Slaves) in the Last Days – Perilous Times Prophecy

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  1. And may i add most of our brothers have a YAH complex. Been truce breaking since Adam, I see sisters repenting All the time even online, I haven't seen many brothers doing the same instead they see a sister repenting as a open door to blame them for there wrong doing. No my brother you got to take your own charge. But they will rather white themselves out and die before they take responsibility for there own actions.. Yes Isaac knew the promise was to Jacob but yet he favored Esau, along history of brothers trading on they own and against the truth. YAH wants them to REPENT and turn from they wicked ways but they are refusing to, judgment opens on the house of Yisrael first, the can make up all the excuses they want but don't wonder why so much destruction is happen to them and the women who follow them. Still praying for Zion tho WAKE UP.

  2. As students many teachers and educators will pass through our lives without remembrance yet a special few will leave a lasting impression . Thank you for being one of the special educators who live on forever in the minds and hearts of, a student. whose life you have touched. …………….Thank You…….Naomi

  3. Will you guys be able to repost the private videos of the Whited out Series? I'm having my bf watch those videos because TMH Yah will most definitely open his eyes with those videos.

  4. Denise Williams made a song named "Silly". She sings about love stop making a fool of her. Silly and foolish can be used interchangeably.

  5. 馃挏馃挏馃挏 Your mike volume is low. However when you insert video clips, those sounds become normal or very loud in comparison to your microphone. 馃挔Please don't think I'm hating on you. Im just making an observation and I love both yout channels as well as your son's.

  6. 馃尯馃尯馃尯 This was such a great video. I learned some new thing from this video as well as having things confirmed.

  7. I thought came to me. 馃挔So is the reason that we can't marry outside of our own tribe within the 12 tribes because each tribe has a specific purpose馃挔 and that we have to retain strength or maintain integrity within each tribe so that the whole 12 tribe can be the most powerful? 馃挔 Let me know. 馃挔I don't know your precepts but this is a thought/ question that came to me during your video.

  8. I think you mean "international" marriage is wrong.

    Race, whatever it's definition is, doesn't matter to 转讜专转 if you're grafted in (砖诪讜转 (Exodus) 12:48).

  9. Those that lriws,(es, double u, i, are, el ), wear unnaturalness, sex for 馃挵 exchange are definitely those who are lead away captive as slaves= haughty of the sons daughters of zion, lazy/doggish of the men that is to cover them & be covered by them

  10. Marriage is between two virgins who has intercourse for the first time ever after the scriptural parental permission process has been granted to the groom to be by the bride to be's father,…..not two people who has been intercoursing here & there equipped with a ring & a ceremony …..divorce is not irreconcilable differences or breakups, & is only granted after a letter of divorce, proof of nonvirginity, proof of infidelity by The Most High,…SHALUM

  11. And yt is NOT esau, the R.A.B.N. is esau, he mixed his seed like ham as was/ no longer yahsharalite….YAHUAH said he is not to be called brother or trusted,…whyte man is not esau,…….the Arab is esau,

  12. As we are not to call ourselves is-ra-el which is synonymous with the devil's real name god-ra-el, we are YAHSHARAL as YAH'S name is called as we are called YAHSHARAL,

  13. Lot of WEAK of the tribe of YAHUDAH, are the ones mixing,…..but the book of yubilees replacement named jubilees chapter 30 will wake up plenty of them here and definitely after life,….one going right now is that the blind deaf & foolishly lazy call a virus when its a plague/ separation of the wheat and the tares Deutoronomy 28 verses 59-62 馃樂

  14. Book of Yubilees replacement named jubilees chapter 30= future of unrepentant seeds of those who mix, & the parents

  15. Sex then marriage with a ring/ceremony =NOT MARRIAGE, man who is not FULLY subjected to YAHUAH is not a head, neither is to be submitted to, virgin man virgin woman who has completed the scriptural parental permission process then has intercourse =MARRIAGE, CAPTIVES=THOSE WHO MIX,

  16. The arab which is esau mixed with japheth which is the caucasian therefore spoiled his seed & are not to be trusted or called brother,….so saith YAHUAH OF HOSTS, so we are not to call the yt man esau, cause he is not

  17. LOVER OF SELF =SELFIES. I had a strong urge to stop posting on Instagram. It didnt feel right, then I get the realization that this was me being a lover of self, showing off my travels etc. I stopped. I dont post my selfies nor even life anymore. Halleluyah

  18. I was gonna give up on my black men cause all my life I been hurt by black men all my life .and its making me hate them sad but true


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