Women's Clothing: Attire of a Harlot, The Devils Fashion Industry Documentary – Parental Discretion

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Comment (44)

  1. Watchman……You and Deborah brought the "Shonuff"……And we 💘 love you for it….May Yah Bless the Rod you and Deborah use to beat his people back from the "PIT"……….Amen….Your brother from the "D"…..


  2. Wow! This is so deep… The battle is real I have seen women who move like this. Religious types.

  3. Amen excellent I will share this video to my Bishop and other members in church . Yah continue bless missions of your work to save souls 🌹

  4. Satan that right, I agree on most points, I had to delete some my old attire from the past lol forgot it was there.. yet I know I am forgiven 🙏😇 I pray for the all the people in the world and believes , I hope you all have a great night.. I didn't create the image or me , yes the women pay attention to the games we know, the music, and the world attire.. smh I been their so I know.. i know that all would not accept it , it okay I am not going to be fool by the words , yes he described it well.. yep they are religious older women

  5. Shalom thank you for this topic. Very spot on… I have a question for you Deborah. Why do you have a wreath hanging on your wall? Surely you must know what that means?

  6. This prayer answered! Women literally look like they are wearing panties and calling them shorts in the store with their small children. Shocking! I have been definitely looking for attire that YAHUAH DEEMS ACCEPTABLE NOT PEOPLE.

  7. I am so pleased to see this! We need to pray for the sisters dressing this way in ignorance. It takes more effort to dress modestly because of the demonic system. Clothes in the popular stores are too thin and sheer or too short. In my youth I dressed as my friends did because I was encouraged to do so. As I got older I didn't desire sexual attention from men so I didn't wear a whore's uniform but in dressing fashionably I sometimes drew unwanted attention and I did not understand why. It took somebody deliberately telling me how men think for me to get it.

  8. Many women will say they can wear whatever they want. My question is why do you want to wear something that reveals almost everything to the public? Then get mad when you get the attention showing your body inevitably gets you? Do you really not want the attention or is it certain attention that you want? Men, however, should be able control themselves. Women also should not tempt men. There is nothing wrong with modesty and humility. It doesn't set women back like some women seem to have been conditioned to think it does.
    I hope you guys can eventually do a documentary on the new gender neutral clothing that is being pushed out on everyone.

  9. I have to say this is the truth I struggled in this area in my life I had a turning point 3 years after learning the name of the most high Yah that I didn’t want empty words from any one not even my husband I wanted to love myself from inside out so I thank you family for this todah Yah

  10. I have seen girls nowa days damn near wearing panties as shorts! Yes, they are making shorts as high as underwear now! It’s GROSS.

  11. Thank God for this message glad you have put together this message and may God bless you and your family 👪 🙏❤

  12. It is greatly appreciated that you all put this info out there. As a child I never had much structure especially when it came to my clothing. I wore whatever I wanted and because of daddy issues and mommy ones, though she was physically present, she allowed me to choose my own outfits and my mindset then was crying out for attention. Not even completely understanding what my actions portrayed and am working hard on repentance. Pray for me family.

  13. I used to dress very provocatively and looking back on it I’m embarrassed. It’s sometimes difficult to find modest clothes. Even if they don’t show cleavage, the cut of the clothes can be a problem. Once I became mindful of how I dress, I notice that it’s almost easier to dress sexy than it is to be modest because that’s what’s readily available. I honestly wish I had heard this message years ago because I think people still look at me a certain way because of how I used to be.

  14. I remember in 1990s in Chicago, a tall sister wore a mini skirt or 👗 to church. She crossed her legs. You can see her thighs. An elderly married brother stared at her legs and thighs. His sister got on him for stared at that. He said" Well, she wear that and I'm going to look" I just like🤦🏿. His wife wasn't with him on that day

  15. Praise YAH for this message. I can remember being young and trying to dress provocative but at the end of the day I never enjoyed the attention that it would garner. I was used to dressing like a Tom Boy..lol. I played sports and didn't necessarily care about how I looked until I hit high school. My older sister taught me how to dress more "feminine" but in reality she was teaching me how to dress like a harlot. Nevertheless, I just couldn't take the attention so I switched back to wearing jeans "fitted" but not too tight and jogging pants and hoodies because that's what I'm more comfortable wearing…even until this very day and I'm going on 41 years old. I just love feeling comfortable…wearing tight clothes and having to make up my face EVERY DAY was too much work…lol. I will throw my hair in a ponytail and be on my marry way and as a result..I've been married once before my current husband and we have been together for almost 12 years. My sister has only been married once and that marriage lasted only 6 months. I hope you can get what I'm trying to say here. Don't get me wrong..I had my harlot experiences, but since I was born and raised in the Hebrew faith in YAH, I was not getting what I needed spiritually so I guess I rebelled in that way; but I always wanted a husband, family and to be settled down. I thank the Most High YAH for my husband because he too, is now a believer in the Most High YAH. Be blessed family.

  16. Why are women the one's chosen to be discussed about clothes most of the time…
    I highly doubt that the majority of women sit there and think or say anything close to what this actor is saying. Most are trying to be fashionable. If one would like to help them choose more decent attire, don't exaggerate or assume what they are thinking. Women mostly dress for themselves and are misguided by media and current fashion trends. If a woman is actually a prostitute I don't believe she would be posing for pictures. She would probably be on the street corner… etc. Please focus on helping them with scripture and counseling, not turn them off with criticism and insults. It seems that the ones looking so hard are worse in their actual behavior than these young women. They have a clothing issue, they are not prostitutes. Criticize the hookers if you must, that is worse … but don't forget, they can't be a prostitute without a customer!

  17. This is a lesson well overdue indeed. All praises to TMH for bringing such a subject that has been swept under the carpet for too long. Let the truth be told and set most of us free. Praise Yah!!

  18. Nonsense. You peopke are too judgmental. Father God did not give you permission to judge individuals. That is his job not yours.

    Truth be told. That's just one of the reasons why they call the pastors of the churches these days, "Pimping Pastors" I see it all the time. NO RESPECT for themselves, or for YAHUAH. REBELLIOUS, and got SCATTERED ACROSS THE SEA. ONE OF THE REASONS Why we're here!!!!


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