World Bank issues dire forecast for Ukraine's economy | World News | WION

The Russia-Ukraine war has had worldwide repercussions worldwide but the most affected economy has been Ukraine’s own. The World Bank has issued a dire forecast for Ukraine predicting that its economy may collapse by 45.1 percent this year if the conflict continues

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Comment (46)

  1. Hahaha. Ukraine is doing just fine. It is backed by 160 World countries. While the Ruble is worth next to nothing. Viva Ukraine.

  2. New Russian
    General LURCH from the
    Adams Family will surely help the Russian failure in Ukraine… KUSSACKS to putin the civilian killer

    BlessUp INDIA 🇮🇳 and Wion StaySafe

  3. USA UK Russia chin and nato cartel make conspiracy to make poor small and enemy countries under creating disputes

  4. Good job zelensky isn't of begging for weapons you could of negotiated but now you destroyed your country

  5. Every one says stand with Ukraine!!.. But they are being pushed into more debt with everyone supplying Military grade Arms.
    The joke is if you really want to help Ukraine countries who have debt ties need to wright them off… But that isn't even a solution ppl want to talk about while they are being bomb they are still paying debt payments.

  6. What? Ukraine had Economy? I thought they made their money from human trafficking, drug dealings, money laundering for the USA, their presidents, and by other similar "Legal" means.

  7. So they cant even preditc 1 countries economic condition in 1 month, these ppl are utterly incapable lmao

  8. Ukraine will need tons of support to rebuild their country and the only question is the world a kind enough to help with generosity?

  9. 😂😂, why is world bank still providing this statement to Ukraine..I guess it's already very obvious due to cities burnt and infrastructures destroyed..

  10. Mrs Clarissa is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  11. The butcher of Washington meets Zalesnki the butcher of Jerusalem/ meeting the butcher of NATO to confirm arms sales higher taxes and more arms sales 😉🤐🤑🤐🤑😂🤣😁😀 Musharraf returns to PAKISTAN & the Bucher of Washington is getting ready to build a new Al queda in Pakistan to destroy India 🤣😂😁😉🤑🤐🤑🤐😂

  12. Expect Zelensky's clown show to start another begging tour for more cash. Btw, if he stayed in his own country he'd save a lot of money. I'm sure the Ukrainian economy could use it.

  13. Trusting too much America and Nato ….30-BIOLAB of America and Nato in Ukraine must protect …human lives never mind…!!!
    So sad 🙄🤔‼️

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  15. Brace ourselves the day Mother Russia decides to play the energy card. We will be finished here in Europe. Our governments men are Puting all of us at risk for the sake of supporting Nazi militias kill Russians Russian Ukrainians and world hegemony. Too many countries been affected by this unipolar world where white people decided who,lives who eats who recover from illnesses diseases who has water who goes to school, who decides for their future and national interests and those who do not get to chose. time to embrace a multipolar world where every nation is respected. This unipolar world has cost the world far too many lives, from genocide to extinction to slavery and famines to sanctions invasions blantant racism time we see the back of this masters of death and destruction.
    Russia China India Iran and many more to join will be the new multipolar world. Time for Peace

  16. Even after making such a huge sacrifice if Zelensky is not honored in the NATO's HALL OF FAME then shame on NATO.


  18. Not to worry, the evil IMF and WB are ready to lend you billions and take over your country.

  19. Thats no problem for Ukraine.. Hero Elensky will just ask the world to send him some economy because this not just an economy of Ukraine this is the economy of the world.. if the Ukraine economy will go down the whole world too…

  20. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict indicates that Russia is trying to capture these Ukrainian-territories:-
    (1) Central-Ukraine (Right-Bank)
    (2) Eastern-Ukraine
    (3) Southern-Ukraine

    Either Russia will completely merge these territories or put a puppet Govt to achieve its strategic objectives.

  21. bravo zelensky 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  22. In the system humans build, one can apply to be a doctor, nurse, social worker, store owner, firefighter, officer, delivery guy, pilot, office clerk, athlete, artist, cab driver, teacher and so many more. However, if such a person is a small criminal stealing thousands of $ or harm another person we stop him/her from being criminal and put the person into jail if needed.

    A person can also win an election and become head of state. In this case and with enough military power of the nation, the person can kill thousands and thousands of people from another nation, thread tens of millions and destroy billions and billions of $ of a nations economy. Without facing consequences. Interesting.


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