World Economic Forum founder says Joe Biden 'will boost multilateralism'

World Economic Forum founder says Joe Biden ‘will boost multilateralism’ – on this edition of Global Conversation.


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Comment (25)

  1. I would agree with owning less but Not Nothing. Not allowing a person to own their own property is worse then communism & that doesn’t even work & this is worse. It’s never worked in the history of the human race.

  2. Klaus Schwab, aka Dr. Evil himself, we are waiting for you to own nothing and be happy.
    Leave the rest of us alone!
    How dare you impose your totalitarian control upon the rest of us.
    I will NOT consent!!!

  3. Anyone trying to make people believe they should own nothing and be happy, will hopefully be woted OUT from the normal people who have worked a whole life to save a little amount to enjoy life…………

  4. People see this as a great idea to improve developing countries economies ,but the reality is that multinationals will have control over the natural resources and labor force and build eco friendly infrastructure projects using another multinational corporations from one or two of the richest countries by lending money to government and keep them in debt.

  5. Do not, DO NOT fall for the Covid overblown hype and get the vaccine.
    Been watching medical experts from around the world, on different programs, this last week. Apparently, the reason we've never had an mRNA vax before is because the test animals showed us it's a bad idea. This vax makes the Type II microphages inactive. After the shot, 42 days to 14 months they all died. All had inflamed, infected lungs and not one one them had any Type II microphages.
    Super duper.

  6. The WEF are liars and thieves at war against humanity and ecology. Building more data centers and surveillance devices while giving them more power, control and wealth is NOT good for humanity or the planet. Don't believe these snakes.


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