World facing food shortage ‘catastrophe’, warns UN chief

is this scare mongering or does this claim have any value?

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  1. These Evil ones sure have a way to repeat the same evil over and over! Causing Yah to wipe out the whole earth! I’m so glad ABBAYAH will burn up the evil once and for all!!!
    Not by water but fire next time!

  2. Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness. An enemy speaketh sweetly with his lips, but in his heart he imagineth how to throw thee into a pit: he will weep with his eyes, but if he find opportunity, he will not be satisfied with blood. Sirach 12
    Engineer famine, which is being done by the very same one reading his spell from his paperwork, Yasharahla doesn't subscribe to your narrative O wicked men

  3. what a joke, they're sloppy with their plans, How comes there is no vultures are other animals, coyotes etc r eating those so called cows, if there are even real cows, no one watching when to examine the flesh, n oh may they lineup very nicely, they narrative have no power over the collective minds of the chosen

    "Blessed be the Most High, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the Creator of our salvation. "

  4. That's interesting that the article is written by someone with the surname Ashkenaz. The powers that be use the same tactics over and over again to control the masses because it works.

  5. The Lemba no mix milk and meat so cheeseburgers, chicken parmigiana, drinking a milkshake and eating a hamburger, etc. There is a biological reason for not mixing the two but I don't remember why.

  6. So I am listening to this fear mongering on food shortages around the world that does not speak the truth on the cause of food shortages. We all know that one man is buying most of the farmland in the world, while not farming.

  7. Over here in the US you cannot find any quail, lamb, or goat it's really rare. I live in expensive Ca aka: lil horn, lil devil, in the nation of Babylon. 🥵 You don't necessarily need meat we can eat nuts walnuts, pecans, cashews, etc. We have an organic garden thank you Yah for blessing that. No dairy, no gluten, no meat, and we will be the size we should be for our frames and healthier mentally physically and spiritually. ❤️ Sugar is the hardest for me to stop.😜😋🤪

  8. I can't recite the technical terms yet eating cheese with meat has a counter reaction to how a person's body breaks down the nutrients thus actually poison a person.

  9. Man brother you've brought all truth the pig and the chicken but you came at the cheese burger!! Bro then you use your English sarcasm and you even antagonize but I feel you it's all truth sometimes I hesitate to do your videos but I Know you speak truth and tons of agape, I appreciate you bro my spirit thanks TMH for you and your wife!


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