YAH despises your feast days, and solemn assemblies

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Comment (23)

  1. When Israel kept the feasts after their exit from Egypt, they never put the blood on the door post. Even killing a Lamb is part of memorial. It is not a sacrifice. ELOHIM never commanded them to put blood on their doors afterward.

    YAH despise not only their feasts, but also their songs, their harp music. The issue was not the feasts or the songs, but the people doing them. They were in Idolatry, read the verses until 27 in context.

    According to Deuteronomy 30: 1-7,16. Israel needs to return to YAH his ELOHIM and obey all that he command this day, which include keeping the sabbath and the feast days. Israel, you need to follow YAH, not men.

  2. Good to see you both and thank you Elohim for letting our Brother and sister Deborah for bringing us this lesson in Yahweh's name HALLELUYAH. Love you Deborah and Watchman.

  3. You are both waxing mightier and mightier in the word. All praise and glory to the Most High God who raised you up as teachers for such a time as this. Father Yah, give us an ear to hear.

  4. Shalom Shalom….i listen to u on n off..may The Most High Yahuah cover u. .Anyways. many years ago i asked the question 'are we supposed to keep the Feasts n Appointed times cuz we are not in Yerushalayim? Ths answer was yes… i didn't appreciate the reasoning then but upon reading I've observed that the said Times are to be a MEMORIAL. Isnt that something that's to be continued or practiced? If they were ONLY for our ancestors in Yerushalayim then why the term MEMORIAL? Is that one of the many wrong interpretations wordings from paleo to greek to english?
    Tehillim 81 Yoseph looked for the New Moon while he was in Mitsrayim not Yerushalayim in order to observe the Times. So was he taught wrongly by his father Yacob? Verse 4 says FOR THIS WAS A STATUTE OF YAHSHARAL N A LAW OF THE ALUAH OF YACOB
    Verse 5. For he ORDAINED IN YOSEPH FOR A TESTIMONY when he went out through the land of Mitsrayim where I heard a LANGUAGE THAT I UNDERSTOOD NOT.
    So what was the purpose of the New Moon to Yoseph in MITSRAYIM??
    No disrespect just Midrash

  5. I get the points about the leavening…i do . Cuz we need to circumcize our hearts then physjcal circumcision …why clean up our homes when our hearts are filthy? I also understand your point about all these jam sessions. Cuz we are a rebellious do what we like nation. I often wonder is Yah in any of these gatherings? Do they operate under the leadership of the Ruach H'Qodesh? Are we simply just loving the fact that we are the FIRST BORN??? Then what???
    I do understand your our concerns for cleanliness honesty repentance forgiveness transparency accountability justice etc etc among us… May Yah have mercy when our motives are wrong.

  6. APTTMH!!! Another Blessed message delivered. May the Most High continue to bless Watchman & Deborah & their Family! Shabbat Shalom

  7. This message was right on time. Thank you listening and serving the Most high YAH! Serving, blessing, teaching those who have an ear and eyes to see. Even those who come against you. I stand in agreement with you binding all forces of evil that attacks you. Stay encouraged. You're ministry has truly blessed our household. Be blessed family. Shalom!

  8. All Praises to the most high. I say we was trying to figure out the feast days and you brought so much light to it. I really enjoyed this video.

  9. I would also like to add that when I did start learning the truth I was very angry because I was deceived. to be honest every time I think on it I get angry.

  10. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Watchmen Yah and Deborah Yah are pushing this truth no matter who doesn’t like it. That’s why their just like my parents and I love them and thank you so much for teaching my brothers and sisters and I. I get excited and I look forward to every teaching. All Praises and I pray they continue to stay strong and be blessed 🙏🏾👑

  11. All praises be to Yah, thank you brother Yahu and sister Deborah I enjoyed hearing truth,and you all in my prayers, I know exactly what you and your husband mean it's some wicked people of our own. 😇

  12. Some of this may be out of ignorance. However, there was a sacrifice needed for ignorance as well. However, Yahusha was that sacrifice as well. Confess your sins of ignorance, repent and go forward in the Truth.



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