Yah has given us all things so give him the praise!

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  1. I just encounter issue and as I check my phone I seen new video was posted. Thank you brother this was much needed! shalom

  2. yes sir! To~dah Ach brother for the daly meal! if Yahuah be for me WHO or what out the pit of hell can be against me! the ABBA is with meus! ~HallauYAH!!!!

  3. HALLELUYAH!! ALL PRAISE GLORY AND HONOR BELONG TO ABA YAH!! Family may THE MOST HIGH continue to BLESS you and your family thank you for being OBEDIENT to our ABBA you and your family has been a true BLESSING!

  4. Watchmanreports, Thank you for this Daily Bread you have been giving us, and this one in Particularly, in stead of Sleeping in Today I should have gotten up to listen for this Daily Scripture, my Day was so Stressful that I was Literally ShakenΒ in my Insides and when I watched it Help me to Take a Deep Breath and blow it out and say OK ENOGH; Hala U Yahudah, Halleluyah, I am Rejoicing. Thank you and Praise Yahuah for his Word.

  5. shabbat shalom
    All praises to the most High
    these daily bread are very helpful reminders, and i enjoy listening, however, it's very important to be sure and include the works, the most high commanded us to keep, his law, in order for us to go about our day not worrying, for that is promised ONLY, to the law keepers of YAH…


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