Yah has Permitted & Mandated Your Affliction

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Comment (44)

  1. That idiot who said kill Yah may he forgive you because he is holy and righteous. To curse Yah is a death sentence

  2. In the name of Yahawah bahashem Yahawashi may he increase your anointing to teach and preach the words of the most high

  3. Sistah so happy too see someone step forward and speak up regarding this issue with the awakening
    Praise be to the Most High !

    The awakening has been tarnished by the hatred. The shameful way they’ve represented TMH too sleeping 😴 Israelites and the World we’re supposed to introduce to our God.

    Shalom Sister Deborah

  4. HALLELUYAH Sister Deborah, APTTMH for this message!! Thank you and may YAHUA continue to Barak you and your family!

  5. Yall heard about the death of KOBE BRYANT? He was married to a heathen Mexican woman and they had four daughters. But boy oh boy is that heathen woman (who had nothing) about to get paid.

  6. Yes, they (heathens) have gone above and beyond to give the affliction, it says that in the shephard of hermas. This is 100% correct. We need to read those scriptures y'all!!! Because YAH will also give them their just due also! Shephard of Hermas, read it! Also about YAH's patience, but not for too long, read the vision of Paul, and Ezra (not the one in the bible). Learn what you are instructed to do and be about YAH's business before it's too late…

  7. Amein this is a crucial message that needs to be taken seriously. I am always blessed by your commitment to see our Father’s word reach those who need it. Continue to fight the good fight and people will listen when they see the errors of their self rationale, and how far they have drifted from our Fathers will. I struggle with the flesh, and in my heart I want to overcome where I have failed so often. Messages like these continue to shed the light of the Father, and makes a great point on how we’re are to be the salt of the Earth by being Set Apart from the will of man

  8. Sis please explain hasn’t the judgement of The Most High been upon his people?? It hasn’t just started we’ve been suffering for many many years. I’m confused when you say “judgement has begun “ like it’s something that just started .. if anything it’s intensifying !! That’s what our people need to see..(it’s all in Love Sis )

  9. Yet if you warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered את eth-your soul. YECHEZQ'EL (EZEKIEL) 3:19 את CEPHER

  10. Superbowl2020 on the 33rd day of the year with 333 days left in the year. Date 02022020, no coincidence and highly masonic. They will be casting spells on the world while the world will be engulfed in idolatry. I will be found worshipping YAHAWAH on lunar Sabbath.

  11. Shalom… Also REPENT, for you and your spouses sins as one union and your children and Grand children.. I will say!!🛐 Thank u for sharing sis..! APTTMH!!🙌🏽

  12. Yah is gonna save whom He will save. I just pray my election is sure, i was told years ago don't say what YOU ain't gonna do. hasatan will make you eat those words {with Yahs approval of course.} I had to learn that if I stay under the wings of the almighty I will be healed, and no longer doing what I used too, its been some years now because i know where my help comes from and I listen to Abba Yah's Word and no more pork. and true repentance and He is steady revealing and I am still repenting no bottom feeders.It is stuff in my heart i never knew was there. and Yah is revealing and i am admitting and Yah is healing. HALLELUYAH. I had sle lupus it was judgement , I no longer have it, I repented and got off of drugs and the life that goes with it. Halleluyah!!!!

  13. I remember when I was a Christian I went to the paster and said that I couldn't stop smoking pot. And he said would you rather smoke a little pot or desert Jesus. he made the choice so easy. I said smoke some pot. I would even go to church high sometimes because the paster made me think that it was ok as long as I didn't desert Jesus. So thankful to the most high yah that he has brought me into this truth. Halleluyah!!!

  14. Awesome lesson. I pray for God to change my heart. To create in me a clean heart. This is heartbreaking.. Please God have mercy on us.

  15. Thanks for the Teachings Sister. You are so correct. May Yah be merciful unto us all. Peace be unto you and yours.

  16. Halleluyah we need this truth thank you sis, May Most High lead us not to temptation I pray for the house of Yakut in all four corners to rise and worship Most High wholeheartedly just as he says in the first commandment.

  17. Okay I feel better. I used to always wonder how people where so excited for the coming back. They were all so sure they where going to be “raptured” . I’m scared to death of the fact of just thinking what if that’s not the case. Like how you so sure? How am I so sure? Like I’m so scared if I call my mom in the house and she doesn’t answer and I call my brother and he doesn’t answer and I know for a fact they were both in the house with me, I’m going through every room, closet, bathroom, the laundry baskets till I find them because what if…. 😶😨😰 I always thought I wasn’t being good enough since I’m so scared, and that I should be sure. Well now I’m happy I’m scared lol

  18. Calling out these evil spirits to their faces. Praises to YAHUAH. We have not arrived yet, we each have work to do internally. Therefore we should be thankful that the Day of YAHUAH hasn't come yet.

  19. Mere dimag se sun ne wala mera bhagwan. Wah kya twist hai. ROFLMAO

    Is baar kis chutiye ko pakkad ke khada karenge dekhna banta hai. Chalo resource khatam karta hu.

    Bachhe bhude sab bhuke. Bichare. Me Inko us samay le jaunga jab ye survival. Ke liye ek dusre ko khate te. Ye ro ro ke na apne bachhe khayenge.

    Everybody is going to meet the terrible God.

  20. Sis Deborah I have a question for you .. that script that says because of us the name of The Most High is blaspheme by the Gentiles .. couldn’t that be something that has already happened and passed ?? We knew his true name in the beginning , and the pharisees are they people that held the auth over the land.. Yahusha said that they were shutting up the doors to heaven making it where them nor anyone can get it.. wouldn’t blaspheme his name be an example of what he was talking about ??

  21. I want be lead into the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    Father please do not lead me in to temptation.

    I strongly believe this video was for me. We should confess our sins to our family.

  22. are you all going to have another event soon? I know all that's going on right now but not being foolish or anything but I wasn't given a spirit of fear so I thought I would just ask on here because I don't know how to send a direct message to you all. I pray this was okay my sister for doing this on your channel.

  23. The whites, or house of Edom, some were the same who kept the faith of Jesus during the 1K year dark ages when they couldn't read the bible before they migrated to America to escape political and religious persecution. Their descendants fought for this land to be a freed nation from the grip of King George. Making this land a nation called by the name of Jesus fulfilled prophecy and prevented nwo in the early 1800's. The tzar of Russia, a then Christian nation, foiled their nwo plans. But it was because this land, which was referred to as the new world, was made into a Christian nation that the satanist couldn't use this nation to attack Russia then, and also that physical slavery came to an end, and that was why our ancestors were Republicans then. It's too deep to go into here, but eventually the land was secretly retaken, and the brainwashing, the lies, and the plans went into effect. War was secretly declared on the citizens because we all here are the seeds of Israel, both physical and converted. The shadow government was satanic. It's the continuation of Genesis 3:15
    Enmity between these two seeds.

  24. Wow, I feel like I’ve been a fool. I want to get and be right with YA. Where do I find the laws of the 12 tribes? I pray that this reaches you. I don’t want to parish.


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