Yah has put the spirit of slumber upon some

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Comment (26)

  1. Some of US ignore what the most high wants us to do and I'm guilty of that because sometimes the most high will remove you from certain things certain places certain situations because you don't belong there but we fight against the will of TMH because most of us be so excited when we find out who we are but you have so much wickedness going on people are walking away from the truth!!! The devil know Torah too and don't forget that part just cuz we see people that look like us that don't mean that they ain't working for the devil we think just because people have fringes on they can speak a little Hebrew they know scripture the devil know scriptures too…

  2. I just wanna know how can we keep all the commandments, laws and his statues without being baptised in the spirit, thats why there still so much cussng, and bickering among us bc were not walking in the spirit BUT still the flesh

  3. Noing who you are let's you no where you going so noing I'm a isrealite helping me change my ways and my thinking so knowing who you are just a part of it

  4. Hallelu YAH to the most high YAH through his son yahusha hamashiach today for this powerful message and for the Watchmen family I will continue to keep you all in my prayers

  5. They have been Slumbering,,, in The Slums of the America's,,
    Slumbering in the mind's,,
    If they don't Wake Up to know YAHWEH,,, it's ok cause all ii will see,, and the eyes of those will know

  6. Well

    We here,,, All these scholars ,,So called scholars can't see,,,, YAHWEH The God Of THE HEBREW YISRAELITES? Oh The White Man did that too ?
    Then why mess with the Tanak at all?

    ONLY ONE,,

    ON HIMSELF,, JOHN 10:30
    ARE ONE,,


  7. Yah,,, the Jamaican Only had it right in par,,, part,,
    Got too much information as…
    The Absolute truth,, Absolutely

    When chaos and panic hits the streets from the BOOM ๐Ÿ’ฅ PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO WALES ALASKA by the Baltic Sea ๐ŸŒŠ – thatโ€™s the gathering place of Israelites….. Shalom ๐Ÿ™

  9. AMEIN! ๐Ÿ™ŒThe WORD IS SEALED , ONLY YAH SPIRIT can UNSEAL his Truth to the Human Faculty Shalom ๐Ÿ™

  10. Hello, it is also interesting to note the Testaments of the 12 Patriarch's when Reuben (3:1) discusses the "8th Spirit of Sleep", which has 2 jobs, this would be something to note while discussing this topic. Also in regard to "rich people living better…" Read The Shepherd of Hermas" and other passages within the Cepher ('bible') that discusses riches among people and what happens to them.

  11. I have a brother that usually tell me the truth he make sure I leave this leave am in because I work in a club I want to stop and be with him but he have no trust in me because I have been in the club watchman said you are telling one about the truth but yet still doing iniquity am in love with this brother I I want to leave the club I want to be safe my life feels like mess if he donโ€™t reply to me I am a faithful person I do have a problem in my heart I cry all day I want to I need help @watchman

  12. Thank you brother Yahu and sister Deborah for this good teaching.Yah continue to bless you and your family for teaching and preaching the truth.

  13. Thank you for confirming and ever increasing wisdom. May The Father continue to bless you and your family!!

  14. When I accepted the name YAHUAH I went to sleep that night and while sleep I heard a voice saying REPENT and was shown what sins to repent of and heard myself repenting. I told the Father I wanted to know his truth. I been searching, studying, learning, and reading the scriptures. I am experiencing some of the gifts. I don't go to church any more or celebrate the pagan holidays any more. I don't be around certain family or friends any more either. Am I waking up now? Please help me.

  15. Brother Yahu and sister Deborah please pray for me and my family.Pray for protection,and deliverance from all our enemies.Ever since our parents have died we have been under attack.it has been hard since their deaths.Please pray for me to move to a safe place right now I live in a apartment there are all kinds of evil spirits here.sometimes I get so scared.And pray for my sister and her husband to move to a safe place she said she has seen strange men hanging around their apartment.They plan to move but still looking for a house they can afford.and please pray for my brother to be delivered from this toxic relationship that he's in.thank you and the most high Yah bless you and your family.


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