Yah is not a respecter of persons: Misunderstood passage

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  1. Didn't Abba said that His sheep are scattered all over the Earth?Is the covenant with Abraham was YESHAYAHU and if anyone believe him will be saved?

  2. Thank Yah for this day Hey πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸŽ΅πŸŽ΅πŸŽ΅ beautiful song. Thank you sister Deborah and brother watchman for the lessons. You guys inspire me..

  3. Amen. The funny thing is that when this issue was taught in the christian churches and they were implying that the fake impostors were the people of God, all the 'sheep' would gladly and obediently accept it. But, now, that The Truth of who Yah's people actually are, all these passages are being thrown at us. Like the color of YahShuah doesn't matter, that Yah is no respecter of persons etc. It just shows the double standards and bigotry of the churches.

  4. Thank you for the faithfulness in bring this truth to Yah's people. I really l loved it when you said we have to seek Him as our Father and not a religion. My spirit caught a hold of that.

  5. I just went on your website and it said it's unsafe. Can you check that out please so soon I can browse your website and place an order.

  6. Hi Watchman and Deborah. A few years ago i came across a scripture that talked about not having or gaining so much knowledge that it turns you away from Yah, i have not been able find that scripture now that im really wanting to since I've started this walk. If you all know the scripture can you speak on it please. Thank you

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  8. Great work on the Blacked Out video. I was thinking the same thing years ago with that 12 tribes list, and also about Ishmael also, cause Abraham was black, and so was Ishmael's mother cause she was an Egyptian woman. the same way Israel today is not the real Israel, i don't think Ishmael is the true ishmaelite's I got to do some more studies. What you think Watchman Reports

  9. Question is if we are in the truth and some people choose to do worldly things for an activity. Is that a person that does not have the Ruach. Am I to separate myself.

  10. What about reincarnation a soul has been many (male and female) maybe? Think Yeshua was talking about this maybe?

  11. Lol… the Most High's little childrens voices are so beautiful, sometimes our old voices can't get that high but we will continue to sing along with you all. HalleuYAH!!! Both songs are simple, powerful, heart lifting and hip swinging! Please produce.


  13. Shalom Sister and Brother Watchman. I Love all of you guys videos but the audio is way off. Your 2015 videos aired way better than your recently added videos. You all are wonderful, I thank Yah for you guys. Bless your family and stay safe 😊

  14. So it really doesn't matter if your black or white πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚? What about horites? God and jesus is the same. Very confusing video


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