Yah is not with the wicked though he uses them to chastise his people

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1 Samuel 4-7

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  1. love your teachings and I have recently woke up to the truth.and I was talking to a friend at work asking him if the messiah real name isn't jesus but his real name and Hebrew name is yeshua. so if we get saved by the so called name jesus or we really saved ?

  2. Love this, Love you Family, Love all your teachings. Moreover, YAH LOVES you,your family and your Holy Ministry. YAH SPEED FAMILY – Shalom Shalom.

  3. Some people may not want to hear this message but it is right on time. We think to much like we are individuals instead of a collective world community.

  4. givenemtruth son..plz watch their whited out series, pt1, 2, 3
    then you will understand..dont listen to the camps right now

  5. We love that song and would love to see your children make a CD. After we heard this song for the 1st time…my children love to sing it on the Sabbath
    Love you all

  6. Shalom my young brother and sister.  As long as we live in a body, all of us are wicked and fall short of His glorious wonders (miracles), even you and your family.  You promote (for sale) false
    names of The Most High on bracelets, necklace, anklets, rings, and earrings.  You also mislead many viewers by not acknowledging the biblical lunar Sabbath.  Shalom.

  7. brother and sister shalom. I had a falling out with my sister about the bible…and I mean we went at it. she went to say that the bible is a lie it's been rewritten that you are God's and goddess people of melanin. we live long distance and for a year or two I couldn't figure out why she didn't want to talk by phone. but yesterday it all came out. now one of my brothers who is a homosexual trying to team up with her as if I'm crazy and there are not. they say I'm delusional in the strong delusion to believe the bible and they refuse to eat bread from the enemy. Then they say well we read on history and we read books .etc. to understand all religions are a full of lies…I mean my sister ain't never been an angel and my brother is just told you….they got into my spirits I cried so much and so hard my husband had to take me to the hospital i felt so sick after the blow out, and I found out last night I have hyper tension and high blood pressure. I'm feeling like they could of literally been possessed with demons that tried to take me out. I have a little confusion from it. I read alot of books but I try not to run with it unless I'm studying the romans/vatican. can you please pray for my husband our children and I. thank you shalom.

  8. my husband and I are trying to teach our children that song…tell them don't be shy. They sound so beautiful when they sing!

  9. I think about that issue all the time family. The judgement of our people today. The worshipping of other god's. Our brother's and sister's still in these church's being lied to just to get their ears tickled. And other's not knowing what's going on being judged. Our people has to wake up right now….. Because I read today about our people that's coming up missing. Israelite's still being hang today. Every time, I hear a story of a young child life being taken it just hurt me to the core. Because I know it's Israel that's still being that rebellious people. And you wish you could get the people to understand, but the blind can not see the true light, but is attractive to the false light.which keep them in darkness. Protesting is not work, marching most definitely is not working. We have tried everything under the sun other than call on Yah.

  10. I read a comment saying "As for Esau, his descendants are the only people in the bible that are doomed no matter what they do in their earthly life because his entire house is doomed."….

    So does that mean the white man is doomed no matter what he does..?

  11. Thank you sister Sharon T. It has been a journey following tuth. And it has been better since following brother Watchman and sister Deborah. I read the word with so much more understanding. halleluYAH

  12. I love the song that your children made. Thank Yah For This Day!  Halleluyah! I've being singing it all day long, even at work. May Yahua continue to bless you all.

  13. can someone tell me if jahovah is really the devil or if he is the jealous good spoken in the old testament.

  14. People are not trying hard enough to understanding & respect Yah EVERLASTING Love In Sending Yahusha To Be A Human Spiritual Sacrifice For Us To Be Saved By Abba Grace & Mercy.

    Then Yahusha willingly offered thyself to be the Sacrificial Lamb for our sin covering to Abba for Forgiveness is Truly An Powerful Unconditional Love Action for Us, From Both, Especially Elohim.

    Otherwise, We could still be punished and killed by the Thousands Upon Thousands as in the Old Testament Laws,
    due to what another do that we weren't aware of, as stated in this lesson in 1 Samuel – Chapters 3 to 7.

    And to be granted a window of Repentance Through Yahusha Ha Mashiach is VASTLY ANOTHER HUGE GIFT from Abba Yah.


    I Always Strive To Be The Very Best Me because Yah & Yahusha Loves Me Strongly.

    I don't get why others don't remain focus there daily and To Be Such Good Souls.

    Shalom Family 💜😚🎶🌷🌟

  15. Been trying to do this will of most high better by keep the sabbat but am failing I believe miserable by countiue to defile the body .

  16. Also have difficult with my family members and other concerns christanity but most am really concerned with my the love of my people . really enjoy your teaching


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