Yah will lead you into temptation, will you stand? The Pope wants to change this scripture

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  1. Very terrifying!!!! To say lord lord and He said depart from me I never knew you. This has always terrified me to constantly check myself. I don't want My Holy Father to say this to me.

  2. I love you Deborah but you continue to cut off your man when hes talking. I know the conversation gets good to you but I say this in love and I know my opinion is just that…my opinion.

  3. the christian religon has told us so many lies that some of say their is no truth and so some of say the only thing that dose axists is all lies and no truth but all lies only but no truth .but the good news in yah their is all truth.in yah their is only truth but you will only get truth in yah

  4. christianity is the worlds most biggest joke .there is no bigger joke than christianity.christianity is the worlds most biggest bull you know wwhat.christianityy is thee most wost insault to the most high yah .christianity is thee worlds most biggest joke but atleast the 3 stooges are hillariously funny but christianiity is thee wworlds most greatest insalt to yah

  5. Shalom and greetings. The teaching is very lovely and insightful. I pray that many will receive and grow in Yah. There is something I will like to bring to your attention. We as Yisrael need to stop criticizing Christians. Remember, we ourselves was Christian's once upon a time. They are lost and blinded until there appointed time, if it be Yah's will. Instead of us always mocking them of where they are, we who are strong must lift them up. Let's instead, pray for them, share Yah's truth when led, live by being examples and to love them as we love ourselves. When we are always highlighting there short comings, it's a way of us exalting ourselves. We have to be mindful not to let pride creep in. As you guys said, we don't know who is going to make it in. Much love, Barakah.

  6. Good lesson, but I couldn't get past the "G-nosis" (gnosis which the g is silent) and that a few things I did not 100% agree with regarding freewill being separated by region, and you went over the same scripture 2x's, oh and lastly, just pointing out scriptures to make your point instead of reading above and below (at times) to really drive it home.  What one must remember is not everyone who listens to you knows what you are speaking about, you are much more knowledgeable than many, so you must remember to connect dots securely so everyone can follow along with understanding, because that is what a good, effective teacher would do.  Other than that, I have enjoyed the lesson.  This is only a friendly critique…not to cause harm or offence.

  7. Shalum family while I enjoy your videos and insight ..I must say I don't understand how you believe YAHUAH will lead anyone into temptation? Scripture clearly says he does not . The problem here is knowing what the original text says in aramaic in ancient Hebrew…..in the "lords prayer" it does not say LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION …….. .

  8. To YAHUAH be the glory let his will be done in earth as it is in heaven in the name of the son YAHUSHA

  9. FAITH is meaningless. It is a horrible word to use. "Faith" requires ZERO UNDERSTANDING. Yah wants you and I to understand what we are getting into when deciding to join his covenant. We are tried/tested by Yah but it's not only in order to understand him and his covenant but also to PROVE we're serious. If you fall away from Yah and his covenant by being mislead by one "temptation" or another then you're showing how worthless you are to Yah and won't make the cut and he'll leave you to your own devices. 

    Job/Yob still made a mistake that is revealed towards the end of the story. Job/Yob thought he could make the call, or judge whether or not he was in fact righteous or not. Only Yah can do this or perhaps Yahowsha. I don't understand why this escapes most everyone I speak to, even those on the path. I disagree with you guys regarding Yah knowing 100% that we will or will not accept the terms of his covenant. Yah said this in Gen 6:6

    Gen 6:6  And יהוה was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.

    Yah doesn't always get what he wants regrading humans. The flood was necessary to hit a metaphorical reset button. Yah probably had a good idea of how wicked some of us might become with a Neshamah but I don't think he knew just how bad we would get necessitating his flood and the regret he had for creating us. You say that we don't have free will but if we did not, Yah would not get what he wants. He wants a family that understands him and what he offers and chooses to participate. If you use "faith" you don't understand. If you are not tested Yah gets no proof that you're serious. And if you don't CHOSE of YOUR OWN ACCORD to persevere or carry on through whatever test you're dealt then Yah doesn't get shit. If he accepts you without testing you you can and will likely turn because you don't understand what you did or are doing. However if you choose to continue to seek and trust Yah He will lead you to him and a true understanding which can save your ass from this shit hole we call "the world".

    You are sharing some good information, but the fact you cannot see Paul/Saul for what he is (The Plague of Death and root of all Christianity) is not a good thing man. Read Habakkuk 2. It's about Paul. 2 Timothy 1:15 – All have ABANDONED PAUL (for good reason… he's an f-ing LIAR) and Rev 2:2. If you're teaching Paul/Saul he will make you as much of a liar as he was and you'll be seen as an ENEMY of Yahowah.

  10. The Roman Catholic Church Lord prayer stops at deliver us from evil Amen.
    It don't end with " For thy is the kingdom, Power and Glory forever.
    The Catholics prayer don't give Yah the Kingdom, Power or Glory.

  11. Yes yes, HalleluYAH faith without work is Dead!!!!!APTTM H YAH !!!

    James 2:20,26 KJV
    But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? [26] For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

  12. HalleluYAH! We sometime ask for things and not know what we are asking for; for example, we ask Yah for strength and when he send trials along the way to actually bring forth that strength we asked him for; we cry and say why this happen? Its like we forgot we asked him for strengths. HE Creates a situation for a manifestation so we have to always be careful what we pray for.


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