Yah's Children singing praise

Yah’s Children singing praise

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  1. Grace and peace to all your house hold Eric! This is Elder Frank, and those children are blessed by the Lord with such beautiful voices. Let the Spirit flow that souls maybe drawn to the Lord!

  2. Awesome. ..only know that His name is Yahusha. Yeshua does not carry Abanu's name. Ye'shua means a curse and may his name be blotted out. Furthermore, it's not a name at all, it's more like an expression of grief. Ye= He and shua=lament, cry, halloo, to cry freedom. Altogether it means he cries, laments, cries for freedom. It can at times mean deliver or make free, but the proper term for salvation is 'yasha' as in the prophet Isaiah's name, which is Yasha'Yahu. Yahuah+yasha=Yahusha. Other derivatives are Yahushua, but if you look at the spelling in Hebrew, the Savior's name is spelled: yud, ha, uau, shin, ayin=yhusha ya+hu+sha=Yahusha. The 'sh' sound DOES NOT precede the 'u'. Vowel points cause one to mispronounce many of the words in OUR ancient language. Our people DID NOT use vowel points. That was injected into the language by the Masorets.

  3. Wow! So beautiful. Very talented children. You all are doing a great job raising. This type a family dynamics is what I hope to accomplish in my walk with Yah! Keep up the good work. Shalom


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