YAH’s heavenly court system

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  1. Brother Yahu is very jolly and excited about the word, Deborah, is straight up, right up! Glad to look to you…

  2. Shalom my young brother and sister.  We are convinced that you truly believe in every Saturday as being the biblical Sabbath, because every week you spend more time on that day teaching to your viewers and worshipping.  Allow me to explain and please read ALL of my following comments before jumping to conclusion.  Obedience to divine law always takes precedence over obedience to human law.  Some of us tend to
    follow the traditions of man while others tend to follow the moral character of Yah Elohym.  That is a freedom of choice that Yah gave to mankind.  All people of
    the Old and New Testament who tried to live righteously did worship on the
    biblical Sabbath until the third century.  In 321 AD, Constantine (a pagan) abolished the biblical Sabbath and Sunday service was adopted as the worship day for the sun-god Mithras.  To avoid persecution (or death), some of the followers of Yahushua decided to follow the traditions of Constantine while others in spite of persecution (or death) decided to follow the moral laws of Yah Elohym.  Among all the laws written
    in Old Testament, only the Ten Commandments are the moral character of Elohym. These certain commandments spoken of by Yahushua will remain unchanged forever (Mt 5:28).  And also, the biblical Sabbath does not always appear on Saturday. According to canonized scriptures, people of the old and new Covenant lived according to a calendar known today as the Luni-Solar (or Hebrew) calendar.  They did not live according to the Gregorian calendar (introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII).  To explain simply, if the new moon day occurs on a Tuesday, the next 3 or 4 Tuesdays that follow in that same month will be the biblical Sabbath days.  A biblical
    day is also important.  It is neither sunset to sunset (which began by the fake Jews) nor midnight to midnight (which began by the pagans).  A biblical day is from dawn to dusk  and a biblical night is from dusk to dawn.  I am sorry for going into details, but that is why it is very important to know the biblical Sabbath, and it does not always appear on a Saturday.  As mentioned earlier, people have a freedom of choice to follow the traditions of man.  I do not know everything, but most biblical scholars are aware of the true biblical Sabbath, although they do not talk much about it.  Shalom my young brother and sister, and may you be richly rewarded for now knowing the truth.

  3. great teaching,the Most High will give us assignments and responsibilities to carry out in Paradise,so me must keep up our faith and duties here on earth.May Yah you and your wife to do His work..

  4. It's sad when one attempts to garnish each other over phonetics… yes REPENTANCE is key. Peace HALLELUYAH

  5. Shalom beth Yisrael shama O Yisrael Yahuwah Elohim echad Yahuwah. Deuteronomy 6:4 Can any of the brethrens or sistrens give a biblical explanation why Titus was not given the right hand of fellowship mention in Galarions 2:9 Shalom

  6. Do you believe the god of the old testament, to be the father of Yeshua,.
    as my own studies indicate this most likely, Not to be the case…

  7. Shalom!! Can you tell me what times you'll stream live? My husband and I want to participate. Are you all close by Jacksonville FL? Please respond if possible or can I email you or your wife. Shalom….

  8. I admire you all and in no way trying to judge, however, Elder, 1 Corinthians 11:4 Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head. vs 5 And every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for it is just as if her head were shaved.

  9. dis message was for me u send me dis message on Saturday , but I didn't get to watch it because I was so sad the most high want me to tell my auntie to serve him, I delay on calling her , she past away on Friday before I give her the message , and I am in pain because I think I let my heavenly father down , thank u for the message u are a blessing to the most high , slalom.

  10. My 86 year-old mother-in-law has recently come into the truth of being Hebrew Israelite. Our problem is finding a camp or congregation in the Washington D.C. area to fellowship with.

  11. Shalom Family. I am Yir'myah.
    I'm in need of a place refuge with like minded individuals, brethren, if you have land to sell or know of any within your area let Abu Yahuah Elohim give the increase.

  12. WOW MOM WOW ??? TWO IN ONE iii pro+pro IMHU +IMBU. I JOHN (me) Baptist SEE YOU and Periodically YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY and FRIENDS middle Name ! LEE ? LOVE you (ALL ) ELIJAH And ELISHA iiiiiii LITE iii s MAN'S LIGHTS !!! ? !!!

  13. What chapter is that when you you said they had a talk about who was going to deceive him and a spirit said he was and yah ask what was he going to do and he said a lieing spirit


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