Yah’s hidden ones are exposing themselves. Re-upload 2017

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Comment (38)

  1. Praise Yah! This all was able to happen when you are filled with the Rauch Haqodesh! All Joseph's instructions were from the Spirit. Seek the set apart spirit and ask to be filled with it!🙂🙌🏿

  2. Interesting how he says that when (paraphrasing) 'you see destruction coming, you're not supposed to stand still but GET AWAYfrom it' BUT YET, you're supposed to stand still and wait on TMH to deliver you out of Babylon (USA)?!?!?! Her destruction (Babylon/USA) is at hand and MAJORITY of people who know who they are and say they know His word will go down in FLAMES IN BABYLON (USA).

    “COME OUT, my people, FLEE from Babylon (USA). SAVE YOURSELVES! Run from Yahuah's fierce anger.
    Yaramyahu 51:45

    GO FORTH from Babylon (USA)! FLEE from the Chaldeans! With a voice of SINGING, DECLARE, PROCLAIM this, UTTER it to the end of the earth; Say, “Yahuah has redeemed His servant Yacab!
    Yashayahu 48:20

    FLEE from the midst of Babylon (USA), And every one SAVE HIS LIFE! DO NOT BE CUT OFF in her iniquity, For this is the time of the Yahuah’s VENGEANCE; He shall recompense her.
    Yaramyahu 51:6

  3. In our community wherever we live. From the time One of us From the neighborhood found out that you won x amount of money 💰 from the lottery. Everyone will know . You know trying to keep it hidden or on a down low. Our people like to boast and talk too much.

  4. Shalum beloved WatchmanYAHU and DeborahYAH! Question: When is the QADUSH event gathering and is this consider the next feast day? We are very interested to come join and learn about keeping all the feasts in YAHUSHA HA MASHYAKH!🤗

  5. The rulers of this world indeed know who the true Israelites are because the Creator will place them in the promise land…not people. After WW2, The Balfour Agreement decreed by England and America placed those so-called Jewish people there.

  6. ***Could you start selling Hebrew dictionaries and bibles with the real Hebrew names of the chapters and real names the Most High? And also with the apocrypha? Thanks!….please reply back …please& thank you😊

  7. Okay….I found part 2 of whited out it's blocked due to copyright issues…hah….too bad😩 I wanted to see it again.

  8. All praises be to Yah, thank you sister Deborah and brother Yahu for this insightful lesson, love ya'll teachings. 😇💖

  9. A simple but powerful lesson that may spare one from harm. I like the fact TMH has hidden the Apples of his Eye until it is time for us to be exposed and be that light to the gentile nations.

  10. Going off the title alone,,Some call a webbing a net and a net a webbing,,,World Wide Web only a predator creates a web in the hope there prey will fall internet…be carefull all they dont play games and carefull of those trying to get you to come out and expose yourself for youll be first gone,,,,.they wont let the awake keep speaking there truths soon theyll declare "enough is enough" then youll see what the PANdemonic is really about,,, ,,they brought in a new law in the uk few months back If a catastrophe/crisis happens they have the right to remove anyone they wish from there homes and cease there assets,,,,,problem is they create the catastrophys,,,,who do you think will be first,,,,,,the wolves have been at the ankles and vultures circling for long time,,,,,,,,,world leaders are linked through freemasonary its never about U.S.Vs China Vs Russia ect ect its always been freemasons Vs the Lords children,,,,all that spy ware equipment flying above your head and on land who do you think there watching and listening to? truth speakers and the awoken,,,,,,last response sometimes you see the skull and cross bones with the numbers 322 underneath,,,,,genesis chapter 3 verse 22 they will do all they can to achieve what they want,,,,,watch this video and know what and where that tree is,,,,some might not be able to watch,,,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaX5PbahTUE,,,,,,,,to eat is to sacrifice look whos doing the sacrifice,,,,,,want to see more? yellow for the sun aka son https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMAPyGoqQVw&list=RDEMr9ZkDmyg4Y39GwnbPKJlLA&index=13 ,,,,,they know things you dont,,now nuff said,,,,,,,,,Paul aka Ergy theres a little more in the reply if its not showing let me know for i dont fear them fools

    HalleluYAH H HalleluYAH!! Hal le lu YaHHHH!!!!🙌🏿

    Keep gettin it in!


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