Yah's Plan & Purpose Even For The Wicked – Predestination Series Part 2

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  1. ⚔️🛡️😶That's right. Remember That Verse That Said To Give Him Your ALL.
    Yeah The One's That Have Summited Completely Only To Him, That Means "EVERYTHING YOU DO AND SAY."
    Revelation 22:11"He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy,let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still."

    I have a true even I want to share. A year ago it happen. A pegion flew into a electricity poll and fell to the grown feathers everywhere, so I called my neighbor's two kid's over and I told them to come and see the glory of Our Awesome FATHER GOD. The male pegion was starting to bleed from the mouth so I Lifted his right wing up and Said In The Name Of My Lord And SAVIOR You Shall Not Die Today and he got up and ran lol but I caught him in my hands and gave him some water to drink and put him on top of the kid's mom's car and when we put him on top of our apartment roof the next day I threw some bread over a couple of days and he lived 🙌. Now when they can't find food they come to my windows lol, I talk to them like I talk to people 😊. It's Amazing What You Can Do By His Side.🛡️⚔️

  2. Again!!!!! I am always getting mine conformation from your bible studies! I love you two so much and thank you again for the "soul food"!

  3. I joined this channel about a year ago, give or take. I have always had an innate liking to the way you both teach, lacking over-aggression and the approach is very educational to where anyone could understand. I recently had a bad experience with an online church GOCC I was following for several years. I learned their views on women. In my opinion, it wasn't very good. Wish I had known about that sooner. All I can say is TMH wanted me to learn things from them. Also they have plugged themselves into believing they are carrying out 'TMHs purpose'. Their intentions are good, but there is a lot of hypocrisy I have come to notice, false prophesy I suspect, and wanting so bad to be profitable, for people to know they are 'prophets'. They are self-appointed elders and yes they give out good info that I'm sure is correct. I've learned a lot. Their mindset about women…oh boy. Words such as 'led' in the Bible = control, she's a helpmeet only, a weaker vessel, for man, should not teach, keep an eye on her because she caused Adam to sin, hardheaded… They want women to know their place, that's okay. Much of that is true. There are guidelines for women and I do believe a man should lead the house and a woman should have a quiet tone and not be contentious, but not be quiet. However I waited and waited and waited for them to let men know their role aside from being controlling and belittling to women. They ignored all of those verses of what is expected of men when it comes to women. The Bible says 'husbands love your wives', 'The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.' Therefore no one should be treated like they are children within the marriage. According to them, women should forever be taught and cannot possess knowledge and discernment of the scriptures on their own. They for surely cannot be in Christ's direct circle, but are to fall back behind men. I believe that TMH spoke to men and women. He does want women to have a husband for her protection and direction, not control and brute power over her. Her voice was meant to be heard, else TMH would have made women without a voice box. Everyone should be respectful no matter gender. Women may not have had much contribution, but TMH didn't completely leave women out in his communication. He spoke directly to Mary first and not Joseph. So the elder never let the brothers know any of that, the history of women in the book. They don't even listen or respond to women when they are bringing insight on scriptures. It was rather barbaric and my husband didn't care for it either. I didn't feel welcome reading the Bible, because it was is if–for what purpose? I've decided to keep up with you all more. I respect how you work together to bring the word first and foremost. Our people need to hear the word–we're shattered–and our people need to see what working together in a marriage looks like. Heck, they need to see marriage altogether! You respect each other and you have one mind, one goal, educating our people for the purpose of having them be more pleasing in TMHs sight, helping them to wake up. May you both be very blessed and see the kingdom. Loving your ministry because you have heart, you do the research, and truly care about our Israelite brothers and sisters. Keep smiling!

  4. Thank you for the teaching. I am a gentile who knows has learned the truth and strive to walk in it. So is there hope for a gentile. I am just a lonely man and strughlevwith smoking cigarettes any opinions on thisc

  5. We have nothing national worldwide, no homeland,no government or any institutions of any kind,no banking system or printing our own money,no armed forces or military Intelligences no farming system or construction 👷 workers building our own cities. Most importantly we have nobody talking or having meetings about anything in our interest. After all of that we have no nation building Judges according to the holy laws of our Holy Creator Yah and his holy Messiah Son in Spirit and Truth. We do have a lot of talkers but not much more than that. Am just keeping it real we do not have,not even a pot to pee into or a pot to cook our food? We do have some of the world's best talented people but for what ever reason they do not get involved,in any deep level to build our own holy kingdom of heaven. WE WILL HAVE OUR HOLY KINGDOM VERY SOON that I can promise you all. 😎❤ Yah-Israel ❤

  6. Shabbat Shalom. Family, READ
    (Ezekiel) 14:1‭-‬23

    YSRAÈL'S From

  7. Thank you for this video and praise TMH for giving y'all the ability to explain his word so well. You have no idea how it helps me!

  8. I have learned so much since I began this walk with you. My mind has settled knowing there is a purpose for the happenings of this world. Predetermined acts are for the glory of Yah. Hallelujah.

  9. And yet after ALL the MIRACLES YAHUAH performed our people still were hard-headed 😔….. HELP US YAHUAH YOUR PEOPLE TO AWAKEN FROM OUR SLUMBER.

  10. I can only worship with joy for all the tragedies and freak accidents I've endured. His will was in KY for me. I married this wonderful man and had 2 beautiful babies at 40…🤔 Ahh, if Yah be for you😭

  11. Kan HALLELUYAHUWAH Kan on everything in all expressions you both have displayed through y’all expressions and what you both are Speaking Upon What is written That y’all are reading HALLELUYAHUWAH 🙏🏿📜🦁👑📯📖👏🏿

  12. There is scriptures that speaks of Jacobs Trouble. I feel like it started during obamas presidency till now. It states that its the start of the great tribulation

  13. HalleluYah….for Our brothers and sister's on this earth …Yahushua said Those who do the will of Our Father are our mother, sister, brother's……Thank you Yah…Bless your perfect Holy righteousness ways and Name…

  14. Hi Watchman Reports. I've recently subscribed to your channel, and I must say, i was instantly captivated by your informative series, 'whited out'! To be honest, I;m completely sold! I just have a question regards the brutality we are suffering as foretold in Deuteronomy. Deaths like George Floyd and the like, including the son of a pastor (according to a documentary I watched a while ago), which are indicative of the unfairness and injustice we Hebrews are destined to suffer because our 'ANCESTORS', departed from the laws of Moses; do these things apply to us all?!, saved and unsaved alike?!, or does it just fall on those of us who are still living in evil? Similar to Homosexuality, where the bible explains, it's as a result of God giving sinners over to a reprobate mind to live in such a manner. I ask, because even some Christians give birth to children who identify as homosexual or LGBTQ!, as well as clergy who've served God almost all their lives. What's your opinion on this matter please?


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