Yahushua's Social Drinking of Wine? Aks Watchman

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  1. great scripture to answer the question.there is a difference between taking a drink and being a drunkard.

  2. different patriarch had different vows on their life. Samson had his hair cutting since birth, John the Baptist had his no drinking since birth.

    and there is a difference between liquor and wine.

    because some Christians say we can't drink, nor drink wine but that's not so Noah drank wine and he was a vineyard husband father man.

    a little wine is good for sorrow, to make glad, and good for the soul according to scriptural text. Shalom.

  3. But is there a difference between wine and alcohol though, …since they are two different substances?

  4. his eyes wouldnt be like fire because he was drinking wine.. I don't think he was an alcoholic..

  5. are there any specific types of wines we are limited to? wine is an antioxidant and I know of the grape wine but I've also heard of pomegranate, apple, blueberry and even strawberry wines.

  6. It's written do you want to understand scriptures and YAH's teachings and understand visions or tell prophecy or to make right interpretation of visions and prophecy. Then you have to be sober minded. The scriptures supports what Iv just said. So avoid drinking is my suggestion even it has been the prophets suggestions as well and the Angels message to tell not to drink even to eat vine until some of YAH's messengers be born. Shalom

  7. There's a difference between being a drunkard and enjoying a casual glass or two of wine smh if wine back then didn't give u a buzz check this scripture out in the so called new testament the book of Acts 2:14-17 , 14 But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell atJerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words:

    15 For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.

    16 But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;

    17 And it shall come to pass in the lastdays, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: Had that been such a abomination Peter would of said we dont drink what are u talking about but no he jus said thats these men are not drunk because its too early in the day to be drinking but this is the rauch kodesh!!!!!

  8. I have read about how they mistranslated calmus a poisionous plant with kaneh bosm which means cannabis in ancient hebrew where he also used kaneh bosm too. Im not kidding look it up its Kaneh Bosm and they mistranslated it to a poisionous plant calmus

  9. Excellent msg. Also Ecclessiastes mentions wine makes merry the heart. But it wasn't to be dranked in excess which will lead to drunkenness.

  10. The bible tells you that you can drink wine and strong drink. It just says not to get drunk. Also the Pharisees and Saducees call Jesus a "wine bibber" because he did drink wine. Roman christianity says smoking and drinking are sins because they have abandoned the laws. Sin as defined by God….Jesus himself says sin is a trangression of the law. I used the name of Jesus here instead of all the other Hebrew names because of Malachi 1: 11. He says his name will be famous amongst the Gentiles. The most famous name among the Gentiles for God is Jesus. Also what makes you think the God who created the worlds couldn' t stop a few transcribers from writing his name wrong? What kind of puny God are you worshiping that mere man whom he created from the dust of the earth can win against him? Sometimes we get so caught in the simple things that we lose sight of what is important. Repent for your sins and those of your forefathers, get baptized and follow God's laws. That will get you salvation. PS. the Rauch you keep referring to is not a part of the Godhead. He is an angel, he is the comforter that he sent to us. The spirit that lives in us is the word of God. There is no alien living inside us called the Ruach.

  11. The wine of Christ time is completely different from the wine of today, they didn't use yeast to make wine so there was no alcohol is the wine.

  12. Samson, Samuel and John the Baptist each had their birth announced beforehand .They were Nazarite. Each was consecrated to perform a service for God. Each was a great man. Each of them was forbidden to consume the fruit of the vine in any form. Samuel and John the Baptist were prophets. Samson was not a prophet, he was a judge…. Great post Watchman, I just wanted to add why John the baptist didn't drink wine. Shalom

  13. I want you all to check out a video by a youtuber's channel called secureteam10.and listen carefully of a recent statement that the president of France jean Claude juncker said and other past witnesses said of what is really going on and what we are up against and these powers are showing humans technologies that are out of this world to combat the so called bad guys from another world.well I believe this so called bad guys they are talking about is the return of the messiah ,angels,and saints.

  14. It can be confusing, It most been fine to drink wine back then, when Yahushua made it, because now people are drinking wine like its, juice or something and getting drunk off of it!

  15. If wine was good enough for God! it's sure good enough for me! Your lesson is right on point! Most churches try to make people think that they are sinning if they drink even in moderation! I remember when I brought up this subject in a Penecostal Church they shut the church down! Because they didn't want to be confronted with the truth!  good lesion.

  16. Ach you are both right and wrong. In his early life the Adonai Messiah did partake of the wine, but in the ladder part of his life he took the vow of the Nazarite. (Numbers 6:1-9)KJV. Samson and John The Baptist were Nazarites at birth. For Samson (Judges 13:2-5, 13-14 )KJV.  In (Hebrews 5:1-5) KJV you will see that the Adonai Messiah was giving his title of Melchezidek

  17. This is to finish my first thoughts below!!!  Melchezidek, to get this title you had to be the high priest of the order of Nazarites. Melek meaning: My King, tsedeq meaning: Righteousness. (Mark 14:23-25)KJV and (Matthew 27:34) proves Melchezidek did not drink any wines or vinegar drinks during his last days. THE ORDER OF NAZARITES ARE BACK.

  18. So his eyes were like a flame of fire because of the wine??? Lol so, green eye monster is usually because someone is envious it's allegory. The red eyes seem more like rage, fury, not someone you'd like to mess with. Same as having white hard wool hair; if your a Sheppard caring for your sheep doesn't it make sense to perhaps being cover with wool hair?? It's poetry and parable/riddle all at the same time that's what makes it so fascinating. Let's take this one with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, too much of anything is never good for anyone. Certain things in moderation, notice I didn't say good things because what I may consider good may be consider bad for someone else; and the opposite as well. Overall, I love the teachings you and your wife shine together, may your ministry continue to be a blessing to many others as well. Shalom!!!

  19. Yes but in the time of Christ regular grape juice is known as wine. Now they did have strong drink which was fermented fruit mainly grapes. So no Jesus did not drink strong drink it was grape juice. That's why they say strong drink or soured grapes is spirits and it alters ones judgement as well leaves them open to demonic attack.

  20. For those who say wine back then didn't have alcohol. Don't be ignorant. There would have been no point to mention strong drink along with wine in plenty of scriptures.

  21. Want 2 take a moment n thank u for the good work u all do brothers n sisters, family I should say, we will worship elohim freely one day no persecution, absolutely can't wait.


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