Yemen's Houthis claims attack Aramco refinery in Saudi Arabia's Jeddah | World English News | WION

Houthi rebels have struck a fuel depot in Jeddah. Despite the attack, Formula Grand Prix went ahead. Meanwhile, Saudi launched counter-strike on rebels.

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Comment (24)

  1. The United Nations of the United States has offices in Yemen. This UN organization smuggles missile and drones parts to the Houthis. Therefore, Saudi Arabia refused America's request to increase oil production.. After this attack, the Saudi air force bombed the headquarters of the United Nations and destroyed them completely. The United States remained silent and did not criticize the Saudi bombing of the United Nations. The Saudi Air Force also bombed all missile launchers in Yemen and bombed all weapons depots of the Houthis. Good job, Mohammed bin Salman. There is no friend of the United States in this world..

  2. When Russia attacked Ukraine, all Russian sportsmen were banned (F1 included). When terrorists attacked fuel depo only 12 km from the track, nobody considered it as a problem and the race went on. This is a nice example of double standard. Amazing hypocracy.

  3. Long live the Houthis. There aren't many 'noble' wars, but their cause IS noble. David fighting for survival, against Goliath.

  4. why are we never evaluating the greenhouse gas emissions that are the result of wars? bombings? biological laboratories? for decades, people have been making or preparing for war, why is its impact on the ecosystem never assessed?

  5. After years being bombed , Yemen finally was able to retaliate…thanks to missiles and drones…hopefully, Saudi realizes there’s no point bombing furthermore in a made up war by US and UK

  6. I will agree for this attack,..for Saudi kingdom will become poor country around the world…my relatives rape and kill by suadi it's gud for them to attack by terrorist👏👏👏

  7. Who is providing these weapons to Yemen in the first place? EU and NATO controls the entire middle East and those Arab Sheikhs are well enslaved to their white masters. Also EU/NATO has millitary bases and aircraft carriers stationed there. The west also controls all the major supply routes: Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Malacca straits among others. So oil/Gaz would not be any major issue for the west. The west will probably not hesitate to bomb the gulf countries if they don't provide Gaz/oil to the west. Only time will tell if the Gulf will make their own decisions keeping the entire world in mind. EU and NATO will probably send a message to the gulf countries of what it is capable of and reducing gulf countries to the likes of Libya and Iraq or impose tough sanctions like they did on Iran and Venezuela.

  8. The truth is this is a good time for it to be happens after seven years of siege and death against yemen people


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