You are a vessel to YAH first! Deny yourself and draw close to Yah

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  1. I still feel its not clear I never died to self before so you keep saying it but you not clear yeah you seem to get it but I dont

  2. Thank you for this powerful message Brother Watchman Yah, I in the most truest self treasure this message, May Yahuah uplift and bless you. Thanks


  3. I totally agree with this teaching. The balance is that we are to "worship Him in Spirit and Truth." So, in our pursuit of Yah, we need both not one or the other. Shalom

  4. Oh Heavenly Father, Thank You for waking us and guiding us each and everyday! Please Father help us to stay on the right path and follow you daily! Father all of your chosen people need YOU! I need YOU Father YAH each and every day!! I LOVE YOU and please continue to work on me FATHER!!! HALLELUYAH!!!!!!

  5. Deny ourselves does this include fasting? Deny ourselves the pleasure of food..I’m trying so hard to get closer to the most high..

  6. Thank you for the word, brother very motivational. Pray the most high blesses you, and advances you to new levels.


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