"You are making a Sampson out of us & we are going to pull down the pillars"

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  1. I am seeking to learn my true heritage. Is anyone willing to direct me into the correct direction? These videos are very helpful, I just want to lean on the righteous understanding. Thank you

  2. Sound the alarm now they are comparing blacks in the Civil Rights Movement to the LGBT community saying that if you are for blacks and freedom then you are for the rights of the LGBT community isn't this something!

  3. What do you think we care about dying when you deny us the right to live. Wow! We are going to pull down the pillars Mishpachah.

  4. A whole lotta' devils in that room. You know you can tell when somebody is lying when they're talking bc they will touch/scratch/rub their nose.
    You can also tell when someone disagrees with what you are saying, when they are listening because they will touch their mouth. Notice how many have a finger across their mouths.

  5. Wow, that was awesome may YAH give me and my people the strength to be in his power and strength. praise YAH. Thank you, Bro, @ Sis, for that education we needed this.

  6. To find a brother like this today that would speak out like this is like finding a needle in a haystack because our men has been watered down so in this country and our women has fail to the waste side not knowing their left from there right nor their up from their down because the man has left the side of his black queen and she is left confused and this is exactly what the enemy want to see our people powerless

  7. Hi family. Look up this video. Lost in the world like me. It's so sad but so true. God be with us because we need him. It's like when God looks upon the earth this is what he see. TiMES RUNNING OUT

  8. See, we don't have that anymore. No one like this man that would stand up in a court surrounded by these devils & say what he said.

  9. Wow this brother was fire we need leadership like that right now today because they take us for a joke and think that we are to chicken shit excuse my language to take what we deserve or to afraid to stand up for our rights

  10. I AGREE WITH THE GENTLEMAN 100%!!! Some things in life are worth dying for….PERIOD!!! The God-given right to be treated with human dignity and respect – and not suffer the horrors of racism and supremacy that our ancestors endured – is worth the ultimate sacrifice….NO DOUBT!

  11. These people have no hearts. They are not humans. They are colder than ice. They are looking at the brother as if he is asking for something that is impossible for black folks to ever have.


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