You are suppose to change the world but the world is changing you

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Comment (43)

  1. Lol .that's what I said the other day about the so called new year how can it be new year when it snow outside in January etc..and right the world has tried to change us! with lies and deceit that are now getting uncovered by the truth…..shalom

  2. SHALOM SISTER. I remember year's ago when I watched the FIRST EVE. I believe it was on the Smithsonian channel.

  3. Thank you for your voice of wisdom. So inspiring and soooooo true. Shabbat Shalom. All Praise and Glory to TMH Yah 🙏❤🔥

  4. New year changed in 1852 by pope Gregory from the (pope) Julien calendar which went along with the bible. So if you kept the new year in spring you were an April fool. Shalom see you later

  5. Ahchoti Deborah, thank you for your obedience to Father Yahuah. Much love to you and your loved ones! Shalom! ❤


  7. To know the BlqckaMoor reign over Tartariyah is to know why the spirit of the devil ie division..divided came into the world. The system was allowed by YahUah. If we want to be free? Hearin ti YahUahs voice and do as he says. Study and show thyself approved meaning not just the books! Look at the story the stones tell statues, buildings, Pi-Yah-Mids etc to get a better understanding.

  8. The new year must start in spring! You’re right! “They shall change times and laws” the holiday dates as we know it such as the Passover must be done in accordance to the real time of the year not the false January 1st so called new year but March!

  9. I am interested in how to live autonomously. Many don’t want to give up so called convenience of life that are really traps and crutches. I desire to live in the wilderness to commune with YAH. Please email me

  10. If you look at genetics what I believe they call modern human is the indigenous people. Then you have Neanderthal which I think is the White people because most of the archeological finds have red hair and you see this gene mixed in to European. It is not found among indigenous. Then you have the negative blood line that cannot reproduce with positive blood lines. It may sound crazy but there is a theory they are not from here.

  11. Señora Debrah since I been getting awake. I felt this the ” new year” wasn't the real new year didn't make sense to me. Felt like it was a lie. That February made more sense. And here I'm watching your video, this surly tells me I'm in the right path. Thank you yah bless you and your family.

  12. Sister Deborah this was a very good and necessary message to us all!! APTTMH for you and your family in our lives!

  13. That explains the trend in Hollywood of putting black women with white men and making the black men unable or unwilling to produce, i.e., homosexuals.

  14. Many of our people are comfortable in this wicked PLACE. I was told by a person that I was explaining the truth that they weren't ready to be chosen.

  15. Saw the coconut revolution. They were trapped desperate and came up with a plan to stop the ravaging and poisoning of their land and created medicine and other goodies from coconuts. It’s amazing. Now Australia is burning. Yah is a just Elohym. Also you look nice Deborah.

  16. I'm not sure if you will see this comment, but I would like to have your email address to discuss some biblical information that came forth as a result of my research of our history, to include the name of The Most High (whom you and others address as Yahuah/Yahuwah).
    Would you be open to helping me in investigating this information, so that it will serve the overall purpose of uniting us as a people in at least one area of consensus? Please provide your email address. Thank you. I watch you and your husband regularly.

  17. We as a people need to learn how to solve our own problems. A great Message Sister Deborah, thanks and Shalom. ❤

  18. On the same page Sister D. Romans 15:6 “we will all come together with one voice “. So blessed to be able to connect. HalleluYah…..
    Grateful for every minute of your time and effort in consistently sharing your learnings and revelations with all of us that are continually in search of the truth of The Word and application to our lives.

    Got to somehow ask, seek, and knock ourselves into the places or positions where we can be self sufficient in ALL forms & totally reliant on Our Creator by His grace and wisdom not the worlds system and ideas that has entrapped most life including TMH’s chosen (whom it was created for) through mental slavery. On top of the fight to disentangle from the seeming conveniences of control, our preparation time is running out!!!!……..

    Creation itself and its process (truth, balance, order, growth, “all things working together for good “) reveals it’s creator and what truly is……

    “We will know the truth and the truth will set us free”………….

    Bless you for addressing topics of revelation that most of our people choose to ignore or close their mind to

  19. Shalom sister and also 1 more thing you look lovely and amazing are you going somewhere if your not you have a good taste in clothes

  20. This is awesome I feel like maybe we’re coming together as Indigenous people and that hopefully we will realize that we Are the American Indian, The Hebrew, and aka the negro, black man, colored etc etc they’re always changing our names especially here in the America’s which is our home
    We are not African although there are some of our people that are in Africa as well as every where else in the world we are not all the same
    All people of color are not the same people,
    We are the Originals everywhere
    The Indigenous all over.
    All skin folk ain’t kin folk
    But I do like this video because if we look up our genealogy of our own individual families we will find that we come from right here but have been exhiled in our own lands
    So we need to be at peace and to never allow the oppressor to tell us our own history because they’re going to distort it
    The truth is coming out though but we have to make sure we keep The Most High our continued center
    Thanks for this video sister Deborah it’s lifted my spirit

  21. The 16 people that disliked your video are either asleep black people, the sons/daughters of Esau/Edom or heathens.

  22. I found this scripture in Book of Sirach sir.7.26 Hast thou a wife after thy mind? Forsake her not: but give not thyself over to a light woman.

    Clearly, states to leave pale woman alone.

  23. Hi. I have a question please. Does anyone know what it means when a child is born with a cross in their eye? ( I mean a cross like the cross we've all seen in church ). This cross wait very faint but lasted years and 1 day went away. Anyone have any biblical insight on this??

  24. Reprobat Aliens, hybrids and reptilians has infiltratede now with they narrative to destroy the indigenous people of the earth. And that means Its war time Israel!


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