You are worthless until you have been tried in the fire

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  1. This is such a blessed, great message! Thank you so much family. We love you dearly. To Yah be the glory.

  2. May Yah Bless you guys, and take care of y'all for the end times are near, but only a few is ready. My prayers goes out to people in Huston Texas, because something are just out men and women can't control until we call upon the name of Yah, and then shall be a better change. Praise Yah!!!!

  3. YAH helped me quit drugs an addiction. healed me of sickness lead me out of a wicked lifestyle and chastened me sore but delivered me. All glory is YAHUAH'S

  4. All praises and thanksgiving to TMH YAH our savior and redeemer!!! Shabbat shalom to you all family. When I started to watch the live broadcast I came a little late and I was instantly move by the message therefore I was humbled thankful and felt blessed so I had to go back and watch it again right away. You see coming from Haiti one of the poorest country I've experienced some tough time growing up even though my family wasn't considered the worst class, but we didn't always have it good. To make a long story short, after being in this country for 16 years I remember what porvrety felt like living in Haiti therefore I am greatly and thankful. Don't get me wrong family I am not rich by any mean nor have any money saved up somewhere, but today I can say I am bless enough to be able to help some of the close one who are unfortunately still living this reality. To finish even though things could get complicated, but I come to know that it is always your best choice to put your trust in him therefore I know and I can say that I am double blessed because TMH YAH gave the opportunity to work for myself today. I hope this testimony help some of you that may be going through some fire right now and know that our heavenly father YAH is always in control. Shalom family.

  5. Those are our Moorlands (wetlands) that got flooded in "Houston". That land was part of our Shemitic ancestral harvesting territory where we harvested late before Autumn!!! The bastards cleared out ALL of our flora and built houses in a KNOWN wetlands region! The Creator had nothing to do with that catastrophe. Those lands are historically known for getting seasonal deluges because they are WET LANDS territory! Leave it to the evil invaders to do the opposite of what is nature-l and then boo-hoo when the rains come!! They're FOOLS!! But the foreigners keep binging on and devouring our natural resources. It was time for THEM to be swallowed up. And worse is coming. Nature repays.

  6. Hey , i know this is off-topic , but i saw this comment on a different site & am curious if you heard anything about this. It's about the Great Pyramid. I know it's not your exact cup of tea , but wanted to get a comment from you-2. ↓ ↓ ↓

    There are some interesting facts about the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Apparently the Great Pyramid was never meant to be a tomb. No king was ever buried there and the Great Pyramid is unusual in that it has no pharaoh markings on it as all the other pyramids in Egypt do.

    Furthermore, The cubit dimensions of the inner chamber of the Temple, the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem, are precisely identical in size to the King's Chamber in the Pyramid and the same volume as the molten sea of water on the Temple Mount as prepared by King Solomon. The Holy of Holies was the room that held the ark. Since the Pyramid was built and sealed long before the days of Moses, when he built the Ark and the Holy of Holies, and had remained sealed for over twenty-five centuries until the ninth century after Christ, there is no natural explanation for the phenomenon of both structures having identical volume measurements the King's chamber in the Great Pyramid are the precise dimensions of "the Holy of Holies" in Jerusalem.

    The ark's dimensions are described by the bible as 2.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits (62.5 inches by 37.5 inches by 37.5 inches). Curiously, this is the exact volume of the stone chest or porphyry coffer in the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This coffer was the only object within the King's Chamber, as the Ark was the single sacred object within the Holy of Holies, in the Temple. Also the laver, or basin, that the priests used to wash their feet had the identical cubit dimensions.

    There seems to be strong evidence in the Bible that proves the Great Pyramid wasnt built for Egyptian gods but the Great God of Moses that Jewish and Christian people worship today.

    The Book of Isaiah says this…… "In that day there shall be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the Land of Egypt, and a monument at the border thereof to the Lord, and it shall be for a sign, and for a witness unto the Lord of Hosts in the Land of Egypt" (Isaiah 19:19-20). In the Hebrew language of the scripture, each of the original 30 words has a numerical value because each Hebrew letter is also a number. When the 30 words are added up, the total is 5,449, which is one of the most significant and dominant numbers of the Pyramid. It is the exact height of the Pyramid in sacred Jewish inch. Also consider there were originally 144,000 casing stones on the Great Pyramid. That number is significant in the book of Revelation. BTW The casing stones weighed as much as 20 tons were placed with an accuracy of 5/1000ths of an inch, and an intentional gap of about 2/100ths of an inch for mortar.

    "2 And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the seal of the living God; and he cried out with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea,

    3 saying, "Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees until we have sealed the bond-servants of our God on their foreheads."

    The 144,000

    4 And I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel"

    Another interesting observation is that the "capstone" on the Great Pyramid is missing.

    Matthew 21:42 says this:
    In the book of Peter he is quoting Psalm 118:22
    The stone rejected by the builders was chosen by God, the chief builder, to be the capstone. Peter is pointing that Jesus Christ was rejected and crucified by his own people. But God who is building the spiritual house (verse 2:5) has chosen Jesus Christ to be the capstone of that building made up of all the believers in Jesus Christ.

    The scripture says there shall be a monument on the border in the land of Egypt. When the Bible is making reference to the "border" it means the border of upper and lower Egypt. The Great Pyramid sits precisely on that border. So there seems to be alot of evidence pointing to the fact that the great Pyramid was built for the God of Moses. The Great Pyramid at Giza, was not designed by Pharaoh but by Enoch (Noah's Grandfather), the man who walked with God. (Read the "Book of Enoch" – Genesis 5: 24). Egyptian laborers were used but the intelligence in the exact design came from the DESIGNER of the Universe, and that’s what Enoch passed on to the builders of the Great Pyramid. This explains why no pharaoh has placed claim on building the Great Pyramid. In fact there are NO Egyptian writing any where in the Great Pyramid and all the other pyramids do. And it is because Enoch was the master builder, that the Great Pyramid in ancient times was called ‘Enoch’s Pillar’. His godly influence as a ‘desert shepherd’ in turning the Pharaoh’s heart temporarily to the Lord ruled, before the Egyptian rulers reverted back to their worship of many gods. Enoch’s Pillar was placed exactly as a boundary and cornerstone in Egypt, as only the Creator of the whole world would have known.

    For the Great Pyramid was not just a stone structure stuck randomly on the plateau of Giza. The Lord’s PILLAR, the Great Pyramid of Giza, is situated exactly at the center of gravity of the Earth, as geographers and mathematicians have now found out. For do remember that the Earth at one time was just one land mass, which the Lord later divided and spread apart, not by inch by inch continental drift, but by cataclysmic power after the Flood. Consequently the Giza location is also on the longest possible landmass line whether in longitude or latitude. And hence any true researcher has to come to the conclusion that the Great Pyramid’s very location was divinely inspired and NOT chosen by accident or chance.

    But it goes even further. It was not a mere burial tomb for a dead Pharaoh, but was meant to show "in stone" the Timeline of Mankind until the 2nd Coming of the King of Kings. This is why it incorporates the dimensions of the Earth, Moon, and the template of life called the Golden Section which the Creator used in both the microcosm as well as the macrocosm. And if you study pyramidology, you will soon discover that an inch equals a year in time by theory. And that theory accurately and precisely parallels the exact history of the Earth when you add up all the 500 feet of both its height and its passageways. Why because 500 feet equals 6000 inches which equals 6000 years.
    And Enoch stated very precisely that there was going to be Seven thousand years before the Earth was renewed. And when you take away one thousand years, for the Lord’s Millennial rule before this NEW HEAVEN and NEW Earth, and descent of New Jerusalem to the Earth, then that leaves us with a 6,000 year rule of man. Hence the Pillar of Enoch was an exact prophetic marker and WITNESS as well as an altar, from which His people were to give glory and honor to the Creator. And that is why, internally it’s dimensions and sarcophagus parallels the most sacred Temple of All, the TABERNACLE consisting of The ARK of the Covenant inside the HOLY OF HOLIES. The parallels are exact because the Lord is exact. Also note that the point at which tunnels change angles are points when you enter a different chamber marks important events in history like the Birth of Christ and many other event throughout history even in the 20th century.

  7. Kevin Ewing denies the Hebrew Israelite and he said it out f his own mouth but i still listen to him as he helped me much and upped my spiritual warrior prayers against demonic activities in my life

  8. Hey family I just heard hurricane Irma is suppose to be in Charlotte an also heading towards NY please family be careful an start to prepare I pray yah be with u

  9. I'm from new Orleans and what happened in Houston was even close. More people lost their lives in Katrina. Houston dynamically was not design to withstand a hurricane of this magnitude. New Orleans is designed to incur hurricanes but still suffered more loss of life. So do your research. I like your program disasters are measured by loss of life.

  10. HalleluYah, all Praises to The Most High Yah!! This was another on time message. Im totally being stripped of me as i was and I've never felt so hated by people. I wasnt hated this much, even when i was a christian!! However, im so thankful & I still praise Yah for it all…because i know its for the good!! Thank you for the word & we love you all!!

  11. I have learnt a lot from this! May YAH mold me. And l become a gold vessel! Also pray for me to be baptised in the spirit and gift of speaking in tongues.

  12. HALALUYAH, so true brother Moreh Yoshiyahu Dauid, has a bible STUDY on YouTube called Under Surveillance. YAH sees and know all things.

  13. All praises to The Most High Yah for He is good! Thank-you Family for another lesson filled with truth, wisdom and knowledge! Much Love!

  14. Shalom family, can you clear up something for me? As I started to hear in the video towards the end about Christians having a relationship with YAH, I was confused. Immediately this scripture came to mind.

    1 John 2:4

    “He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.”

    To have a relationship with a person is to know them right?
    How would you examine this scripture in the context of that statement of Christians having a relationship with YAH? When most don't believe in the law and do Sunday worship.

    Thanks for the clearification



  16. Every time, you all show the way. YAH is so amazing. Thank you for doing YAH work. You all are so amazing. Love you all.SHALOM family 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾


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