You do not know the Depths of Satan

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The First Book of Adam and Eve….24:1-7

until shiloh com….Genesis 49:10

Emanuel…Matthew 1:23, Isaiah 7:14

born of thee shall be called the Son of God. Luke 1:35 (KJV)
Christ should be born ….Matt 2:4-6

Child is born…Isaiah 9:6
Thou madest him a little lower …Heb 2:5-9
I come: in the volume of the book…Psalms 40:6-8
a body hast thou prepared me…Heb 10:5-10

the word was yah John 1:1-3, 14

Philip have I been so long with you John 14:8-9

I and my father are one…John 10:30

fullness godhead…Colossians 2:9

the Almighty.
Rev 1:8 (KJV)
no savior besides me…Isaiah 45:21, Hosea 13:4, Isaiah 43:11

Before Abraham was, I am …John 8:58 (KJV)

Baptism in the name? Isaiah 63:1-6

Attributes…all powerful

God manifested in flesh…1 Timothy 3:16

Phil 2:10-11…every knee should bow
both Lord and Christ….Acts 2:36 (KJV)
God our Saviour ;…Titus 1:3 (KJV)

(Psalm 78:1–2)

(Matthew 13:34–35).

(Isaiah 6:9–10).

(Matthew 13:13–15).

Isaiah 8:14).

(1 Peter 2:7–8).

(Isaiah 35:5–6).

” (Matthew 11:2–6).

(Isaiah 40:3–4).

(John 1:23)

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  1. You don’t know Satan unless you’ve studied the first and second book of Adam and Eve. The book has been separated I’ve studied it all and all of them it all connects.

  2. Yae, Yae…! HalleluYah! All praises be to the Most High Yah! There is ONLY “1” adversary and that is Hasatan himself.

  3. Jesus' Followers were not good before they met him… And he sat & ate with Criminals & Murderers… Amen… And what I've been through in My life… I shoulda been dead a long time ago but through God… These eyes can finally see what I thought was okay everyday… Possesion, Greed, all that mess… No More… Much love & respect for all y'all… Amen…

  4. i lost my job because my boss didn't want me calling jc the most high she felt as tho i was trying to recruite my clients to my so called religion. so now its going to be investigated

  5. Thankful and grateful for watchman and Deborah Yah for continually standing on TRUTH! We are blinded by Satan and won’t know it until someone pulls back the veil via the word of Yah! Thank you for standing on the word! There are even people who don’t believe in Satan/the devil/the adversary. We are so blinded.. Yah have mercy. Continue teaching, praise YAH!

  6. Quit lying to the people with all this religious bologna, the bible is not our history book, the bible and all religious books are based off astrology, astronomy, and ancient history of our ancestors.. All stories and characters are all allegory and fictional, teach the truth…. Quit misleading our people..

  7. I wish to eternally be able to serve you Israelites, as well as Abba Yah, I truly feel that I know why He chose you people, in my heart I feel it, so much that it brings tears to my eyes, I love you all so much, keep on fighting the good fight, Shalom family in Yahshua HaMashiach!

  8. Great video. Helps put a lot of things in perspective and rethink a lot of things, including what might and what might not be attack’s of Satan. I haven’t battle this hard against sin and iniquity in my life till Yah woke my from my slumber. It’s as if as soon as I woke, the enemy quickly gathered around me with new found interest and has been attacking me without rest with accusations.

  9. How thankful I am to have taken part in this lesson for most of this year there are those I have thought about that I wish I had never met. Some were dear friends but I began to see them for what they really were.

  10. Very helpful word from Yah. Definitely needed to hear this, especially since I'm new to being truly set free and super excited about sharing the truth with others. Halleluyah!

  11. In time of trouble mr.s is always behind the scenes!!!! In time of confusion mr.s is behind the scenes !!! In time of division mr.s is behind the scenes!!!!!!

  12. the battle of racism Satan keeps using. But on the physical plane some of these people are so far gone to the point where people dismiss their behaviour as "oh it's the devil ignore it".. not anymore..put the devil in his place, put him down and shut him up..I don't run from Satan I confront him where I can…I use the truth and trusty faith..

  13. Lots of great Truth here to live by. The analogy using the fish and correct bait is one of the best descriptions ever 🦈🐟🎣

  14. This is the one study of Truth that I would pick if I only had one to choose. Shabbat Shalom 🙏🏻🙌🏼

  15. That's why we must always rebuke and resist the devil! And he will flee from us!! Submit to God and Christ! James 4!


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