You Will Own Nothing | A NECESSARY Knowledge | Big family Homestead

You Will Own Nothing | A NECESSARY Knowledge | Big family Homestead
The Great Reset “great”… Hmmmm.

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  1. Im willing to give up my small ownership if those with big money are also. Then we see who survives. Im.not a communist, im not american. My family fought the oppressors in many wars, and im happy been alive because of them. No one is going to give me orders to do anything. Fck the elite. Lol, i own a good amount of books and dvds, vhs also. Dont need any stuff from inet. Love you guys, stay strong. Subscribed.

  2. Basically they want to take the informal type of caste system that their greed under hijacked capitalist structure has created, and make it official by eliminating the illusion of freedom and ability for any of us to actually strive towards creating the kind of life we want. A new neo-feudaism where they see themselves as the owning class and everyone who actually does productive work is a peasant, locked into that role in perpetuity, for their enjoyment and pleasure.

  3. I’m tired of people pointing out systems problem but no solution, I’m tired of listening people talking about the 1% but no solution for the 99% and I’m tired of rebels. Any way what are we supposed to do in this vast, dark and cold space so called universe ???

  4. Greetings from Ireland. I have a strong suspicion that "You will own nothing and be happy" is code for "You'll be dead". I have a feeling that the "The Great Reset" is actually the great culling and the so called "vaccines" and "boosters" will be the method by which it is achieved.

  5. I've noticed this & Mention this in the past.. There's also something else that people are unaware of and that is all the highways is a highways are not yours. The highways were designed for all the merchants for Commerce but they share with you at a fee.

  6. 🙏Hi friends of Big family. I have videos for you on bible prophecy and the end times. Please go to Papa Joe Fortner or shockwaves of the end times or The watchmen series with papa joe. Thank you and God bless you 🙏

  7. I like that you are informing everyone of the things that are possiblity trying to come. I agree and disagree . I do believe in everyone's right to freedom. 100 percent. But also, when it comes to God, he taught us that we should pay Caesar if that's what Caesar wants. He taught us to love our enemy. He also said that these things are coming so get ready for them. We have to learn to get ourselves ready from within us to be able to handle these things. Thanks for listening to me, love y'all, and have a wonderful day!

  8. I must say this is A very intellectually thought out and morally valid clip. The driving factor in the group that proposes we should destroy everything society has created and built through strive and struggle is inherently evil for several reasons. One of them is the fact these same people whom push for global warming which has often been disproven to be A lie to begin with. But mainly A lack in belief of God in general drives these people whom mostly consist of the top 1% combined with the U.N. and freedom stealing genocidal maniacs like bill gates and Nancy Pelosi whom care nothing for the average person and rather fattening their portfolios and bank account. This is A great example of whyAmericans should become more intellectually sound in areas of such understanding. I get where you are coming from and could not agree more.
    If we don’t completely stop the feminism and pacifism it will be at our own demise. Let me be more socially understandable. Its not because of intellectual inability on A social basis but merely social laziness that drive this lack of understanding. BLM, radical leftist ideology, woman rights groups, college brainwashing( Marxism&communism), Speech policing, gender pronoun ideologies ect.
    These ideologies all in A nutshell are in the business of annihilation of freedom and crucifying men general and typically caucasian.
    Instead of actually promoting freedom and rights for those in which are supposedly suppressed. Instead they falsely presume by removing rungs of the social ladder they fill it will catapult those under it higher up and in deed this is far from the case. And actually by doing this they further undermined the integrity of the structure itself which will ultimately lead to its failure as A whole. This is A cold hard fact whether one believes it or not. We have to understand that our thoughts and perceptions spark our actions and those actions ripple down throughout society like a never ending wave. We are each A node in A network of people whom each action we propose upon each other node will inevitably effect the next and so on and so forth. You are one person away from A thousand and two away from A million this is important as to what we say and what we do. And if by some chance you decide to deny yourself and others the inherint dividends truth can bring. Then you lose those dividends which it manifests and in return society suffers and the reality in which you live becomes A lie. Don’t get me wrong society is not perfect but before we decide to break it down then find A better replacement for it. America is the best example of An accomplished , fair and free society the world has ever seen in many regards and there is a good reason why. The reason for this is in fact derived from the failures of the past and equating those failures to produce A better one in which we find ourselves today. So before we run with the idea that americas social structure is inherently evil or oppressive. Show me A better example of how it can be fixed and explain to me how your ideas of fixing it will be more than some unintelligible way of destroying what good it has brought. Example: Breaking up with your significant other to found out years later how ignorant you were to see their value. Wasting those years it took of dating more worse example of people to find that out. People assume they know whats best or better to often which is actually fueled by their lack of experience and blatent ego.This in essence is typically fueled by a common denominator that I cant help but point out and that is lack of belief in a higher power in which they typically will interject their unintelligent ideas in how they think things should go instead of how God structured them to begin with. A perfect example of this is Chaz and the complete breakdown of order and law. Now its A third world country in which no citizens are safe or free for that matter. Masculinity is being discriminated against and yet it is the only thing that conceptually and physically protects us from being invaded and overthrown. IF you don’t intellectually find conception in this idea. Then stick your head out into the halls of time and show me one example of A group that defeated an invading army in which they were not more masculine and fearless……. crickets

  9. Which God sir? And you ma'am, laugh throughout your whole presentation. How sad!. People have known what your just finding out for millenium. Just as my Savior Lord YESHUA predicted. Nothing new. Hope your both saved by the Messiah? He is the only TRUE God and eternal life, and will only allow it to go so far before He crushes it for ever.


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