“You will own nothing, and you will be happy”? | The Great Reset

This week, the World Economic Forum reprised its annual meeting, albeit virtually, organised around “The Great Reset,” its effort to rethink the global economy. How do we separate the various conspiracy theories associated with the WEF from the genuinely dangerous ideas lurking beneath its stated agenda?

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  1. Hi!
    I’m not sure if you showed in the video where is this information in the economic forum site, but can you please tell me? I know this is true, but I need to find the video and paragraph about this on the site, I’ve been searching for it but the site has so many different parts and so much texts I couldn’t find it yet. Thanks in advance, and really good to see someone from the celebrity world doing this!

  2. They’ve built such a greedy society. Want want & want more. Too much consuming! Economy collapse, chaos, food shortage, wars? Or get everyone clipped for full control. Vaccine passports are just conditioning us for something bigger 👀

  3. As someone who is 55, I’ve seen the food shortage scare (not a problem). I’ve seen articles on a new Ice Age (never happened). I was told the Ozone Layer would be gone and we would all be killed due to skin cancer. None of these things ever came to be due to human ingenuity and a FREE MARKET that made it possible. Name ONE thing any government created that works for the benefit of society.

  4. The many should rise against the few and take back what is rightfully ours… our freedom! Who gives them or anyone the right to say you will own nothing?? Why should they own anything? And any business that is destroying mother earth should be ceased immediately. Such greed and selfishness is sickening they have no soul or have sold it

  5. What they don't realise is that they will eventually have to answer for what they have done to our home and their fellow man, and the people that have the real power to change things and give up their material ways but who don't will pay one way or another.

  6. So all this was a conspiricy was it this has been planned years ago many years you have to be blind not to see this and it seems many have not seen this…you have to be a bloody fool not to see this is conected to this covid scam who has caused this who knows USA CHINA take your pick but i know one thing there is no way of stopping this so when the kids in the future ask you what happened to their freedoms just tell them you were bloody fools and had no balls to stop it..enoy your future kids


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