YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT CNN JUST SAID | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

If you are not black, you should not share memes of black people, according to new woke rules of online engagement. If you have done this, you may be guilty of digital blackface. Many users responded to CNN’s reporting of this with memes of black people and Elon Musk gave a 100% to a user telling CNN to STFU.

And here is the video we spoke about in this segment about cultural appropriation:

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Comment (46)

  1. Glad I once had an English teacher who happily pointed out at the beginning of the class she was white and born in South Africa, thus making her a white African American. Stereo type and race have kissed my a$$ ever since.

  2. There's two things.
    One the one hand there are some folks who use humour to mask their racism or bigotry. On the other hand some folks who are quick to tell others they're racist, are projecting their racism. Humour is subjective. None of the examples you showed were racist, but you may find in some instances the person sharing it is, if the gif or meme used follows the same patterns from that individual.

  3. As always you can explain the unexplainable. Museums in America, Canada, Australia, Europe and UK have for the last 700 years culture appropriation from my people and Continent. Ohhh ups, my woke up mind is so confused, is culture "appreciation "
    We the woke people!!! 😒

  4. Isn’t this segregation? Last time I checked this is NOT what we want! We are all Americans and should be able to share funny regardless of our skins pigment. But we all as different races have certain cultural things that we do Caucasian, African, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Russian, etc that are particular to our culture. As long as we can laugh at ourselves we show we are not insecure. Come on America, grow up and laugh at yourself a little! You’ll feel better!

  5. well leave it to dip$#!t$ who've never seen Richard Pryor paint Gene Wilder in Silver Streak, or told Mel Brooks how to write Blazing Saddles

  6. I wish CNN would just choke to death on its own blood already…although, without it, how are we gonna know what lies the Establishment want us to swallow?

  7. What we are seeing is the end of all this? Identified community groups are struggling to survived so what they are doing is to advertised issues out of thin air so as to continue to keep fuel on a dieing firer. In order for these communities to survive they need to stop pushing negative issues and be more connected with difference.

  8. Everything is deemed racist nowadays. As if we haven't got more important issues to deal with rather than focus on this kinda crap. Far as I'm concerned cos the term racist gets thrown about everywhere it's lost it's whole meaning. People need to stop finding everything so offensive it's pathetic. These people really need to grow up. Weird how black people hate racism but they themselves are the main instigators of it lmao

  9. I think the more people react to wokeness the more the mainstream media, (fake news), thrive on it. If we all just say it as it is then mankind, ( no gender specifications intended), can just get on with being true people who maintain freedom of speech

  10. I guess I can send Cheech Marin eating popcorn because I'm Panamanian, oh, no, wait, he's Mexican descendants and Mexicans have their own thing going. I need to find a Panamanian meme. 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  11. This is why you cannot back down when it comes to being yourself. Don't apologize for it ever. They will take that and test you on purpose from that moment on.

  12. There has to be a real problem with people when this is a problem not trains spewing chemicals into water or planes being used for fight club or people using babies to live in another country. I'm at a complete loss.

  13. Yeah but what if you're a Trekkie and sharing a meme of Tuvok or Worf?

    Or Geordi LaForge for that matter..

    One is Vulcan the other is Klingon and yes both are black..

    And the last one is blind..

    Leaving the last thing to share is Picard with a facepalm

  14. I was brought up in a very mixed cultural family, I'm white but I was brought up in a Maori controlled but had Samoan along with 2 Fijian step bros and Fijian sister and all mixed together, got a few lumps growing up but that only brought the best out in me. There is no such thing as cultural appropriation! It's cultural appreciation and should be treated with respect. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me! Let's get back to the basics and stop the elites from stirring division. ❤️🇦🇺🙏🙏🙏

  15. I want complain in emotes too. Where can i complain?
    How come there is woman + man + 1 or 2 children and also songle mom or single dad + 1 or 2 children?
    How can i sent emote about family if i am having 3 children? And how feel people who have 4 5 6 7 children?


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