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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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Comment (42)

  1. Morning friends. and to all you non-USA folks: this may not apply to you in this election but the concept is the same for your elections whenever that may be. Young people show up less everywhere. For all you Americans who want to vote between now and next week, check out this link to make a plan:
    thanks for watching and thanks again to Simplisafe for supporting the channel:

  2. I dont vote simple because neither duopoly party supports my interests and because of that,third parties dont get the representation or chance that they should and never will bc of the duopoly so im not gonna bother

  3. Democrats: Get out and vote
    Republicans: vote for our candidate

    I love you Johnny but just say to vote DNC, you don't have to speak in code

  4. I always have such a hard time deciding who to vote for. I don't like the right, and I absolutely despise the left.

  5. It is so easy to vote in Britain but they still don’t have more young people voting. Cynicism is easier than engaging

  6. "…the winner of that election will notice, and they will take note, and they will factor that into their behavior and decision making."
    And from a year in the future, this is abundantly clear, but not necessarily in the way you intended. Some states that still went red still massively shifted towards blue, even if they didn't quite reach it yet – especially Texas, Georgia, and Florida. The Republicans in charge did take note, and the way it affected their behavior is that they've determined that they'll lose these states if they don't do something to prevent that, so they've started passing fraudulent election laws so they can overturn future results under the guise of "voter fraud" if a Democrat manages to win.

  7. I'm 47. I never voted for president. It's only super important to vote IF…..
    WE DO NOT CHOOSE!…. IT'S MAKE PRETEND. But it feels like your doing something doesn't it?
    First, the electoral college vote must be eliminated.
    My vote has more value than your vote. But it shouldn't! I've heard, the reasons for it….
    We are not equally representing our votes! That's not fair!… Right? Until all our votes are equal, the election for potus will continue To be manipulated and Americans will continue being taken advantage of.

  8. Who wants to vote in a country like the USA which many perceive as rigging elections? It doesn't help, but that stigma is out there…

  9. From Russia Федераша. It's pointless to vote here, our dear old Mr. P. has broken democracy (and our hearts).

  10. Чьих будет этот парень? Демократы или республиканцы?

  11. Old people have less to do with their lives. I gotta work, I don’t get a day off to vote, I’m not some retired old person just waiting around to die.

  12. This blows my mind. As a young Canadian, not only do I vote in every election, I also follow US elections and mentally vote in those too. Why would you not want to participate? If that other 50% of people got out and voted, America could have Bernie an president instead of Biden.

  13. I live in Sweden (not an American expatriate) and I vote but have a hard time deciding for which party. So I vote what’s referred to here as a “blankröst”. This is a form of protest vote where on the ballot there are no names for a party or candidate. This means that I still exercise my right to vote without having to decide for any particular party or candidates.

  14. It’s moral and just for all citizens of a place to have the right to vote.

    That said, voting isn’t a popularity contest or sweepstakes so – sorry, it should take at least a little effort and some general knowledge to do it. If you find it difficult, please stay home.

  15. Correction: Politicians will take note to make lip service, just like how they do lip service to their own base's wants, while serving corporate interest, unless your politician is one of the few legitimate Progressive politicians.

  16. First of all, I do enjoy your videos Johnny. I am neither Republican, Democrat or of any political party. I am however deeply involved in the idea of freedom. You are still young and I am in my late sixties. I did vote at one time but I promised myself to never vote again because our vote is the same as Russia’s vote. It is symbolic and as necessary as a mother giving a child a piece of candy before they receive the shot of antibiotic. Somewhere at any
    CEO’s office of a major corporation such as Boeing there is a Memo in a vault stating the the name of the next president of the U.S. after Biden releases his hold. The Rothschilds also have this memo. Every president has been a puppet of the Rothschilds and the Military industrial complex since the Kennedy assassination so I will not vote until we take our country back. I will never be a Nationalist but all I want is for us to rid ourselves of the parasitic infection that was forced on this country. It doesn’t take that much to compare notes between Russian government and United States government to see that we are the same.

  17. We don’t vote. Because our vote doesn’t even matter. It seems it’s already predetermined and decided by the elite.

  18. Voting to me is just a social experiment from the U.S. government. I believe they already picked and have chosen who president is gonna be when it comes to the U.S. presidents elections before they even start.
    I think they have voting just to collect your opinion for data to add to your personal information they have stored with all your other information. Just my opinion.

  19. This videw is very misleading on the whole democracy vote theme. Most democracies in the world do not have the same way its implamented. This explanation only works for the american presidental election as far as the popular vote goes. Or a direct referendum in most European countries.
    Every vote counts because voting (at least for political party democracies) gives a % of seats in the govening body to different people. So the guy u dont lile doesn't have a 78% majority and ignors you. It also shows where young people do very very little research, get engaged emotionaly and do not think when they vote and then forget about it again. Thats how we got the previous government which screwed up the country even more by giving the opposition the levrage to take controle and now we have a very right wing boomer government.


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