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  1. Understand … "When you see the Light, walk therein" Todah rabah for Yahweh using you both to His Honor and Glory! Time is very short! Brothers & Sisters, it is NOW time to Shamar (to listen) Yahweh is calling on His People to tashuba (to return) back unto Him, to repent and to serve Him, Yahweh, in Spirit and in Truth! HalleluYah!
    Speak Yah's Truth my Brother & Sister! Selah! May Yahweh continue to bless you both! Shalom!

  2. Amen Watchman and Sister Deborah. My Mom blessed me 46 years ago to search Yah for myself so if the Pope n Minister tell me to go Right and Yah says to go Right, I better go Left.

  3. So true Matthew 7:7 and Jeremiah 29:13. I did at 9 years as my Mom told me to do. Ask Him and Yah will tell you the Truth. Ask the Holy RUOK for Wisdom: you will get it. Confirmation will follow from various places and people that have also been told the truth by the Holy RUOK.

  4. I didn’t search for you nor YouTube when I asked Yah if it was ok to leave the Christian Church who was hurting my Spirit so badly I felt the light dimming n it scared me and your channel popped up out of no where about leaving the Christian Church. I was finally FREE.

  5. I love how Watchman says, “I got a scripture for you. This is how I use to Minister to the young people I would always lead with a scripture when I teach about their life situation that fitted. Yah Spoke then and Now: today.

  6. This word is confirmation and I feel that the Most High has intervened by bringing this message on my feed. I literally just listened to a teacher I greatly respect and he has brought some amazing confirmations that made me leap for joy. However, he just said something so off about the birth of the Saviour and I'm like naw, I can't accept what's being said on this. I know scriptures have been tampered with in certain parts but that miraculous conception is a core. This word came to strengthen and reassure me. I am love yall!

  7. Hebrew. Yisraelite. Do. You. Consider. That. A. Religion. Watchman. Are. You. Not. An. Hebrew. Yourself. And. An. Yisraelite. Minster

  8. And. Old. Testament. Followers. Where. They. Redeemed. Before. New. Testament. Or. Not. Enoch. Elijah. Elisha. Isaiah. Ezekiel. Jeremiah. All. These. Prophets. Of. Old. Did. They. Make. To. Heaven. Or. Paradise. Or. The. Kingdom. And. There. Names. Written. In. The. Book. Of. Life. So. Are. They. Redeemed. Saved etc. Before. Messiah. Came

  9. And. Shalom. Isnt. The. Creator himself. The. Author. And. Giver. Of. Reedemsion. Salvation. Etc. And. We. Prayer. To. Our. Abba. Which. Aren't. In. Heaven and do. We. Serve. And. Worship. The. Creator. Or. The. Creater. Such as. Yashua. Moses. Isaiah. Etc. 😂💛💪💡💪💪💪😄😄😀🙋💍💍🙋😀💚😃😃🤩🤩💝😍😍💖💖💖👑👑👑👑🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🌈🌈🌈🌈😍💖💖💖💍💍🙋😀💞💪💡💛💛😂

  10. Does. Everyone. Die. For. Their. Own. Sins. As. Stated. In. The. Tanak. Or. Does. The. Blood. Of. An. Soul. Who. Never. Sinned. Pay. For. Evil. Soul committed

  11. Isn't the great apostasy a good thing? It would make no sense the that many are falling away from the "TRUTH" because many are already under the delusion. What would make sense is that there would be a great falling away from "RELIGION". An apostate is a person that has left their religious beliefs. The original meaning of the word Apostate was "a runaway slave". Religion is supposed to fall and be devastated because Yah will put it in the Heart of the Nations to do so. Help me understand how you have come to the belief that there will be a great falling away from the "TRUTH" While there is a great "AWAKENING" going on.

  12. Brother your ears are bleeding also please watch this video.. you been tickling many ears with your fake new testament idol yes jesus yeshua yahusha you name it.. new testamest is an illusion.. please in the name of Yahuah watch this video

  13. Can you tell me about the Book of Revelations and has a star show me a star what do that mean I do not know how to research ugly things but they sold me a star

  14. How can I be baptize? Because I came out of the false church and I was baptized in Jesus Christ name, so I want to go down in water in the name of Yah.

  15. I know YAH is leading me on the straight and narrow.ihave never heard the true gospel preached or taught until ELOHIM led me to the both of you.and in saying that, I will support YAH's……..(your ministry)in every way I can. PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!!!

  16. Hi Debra Yah , my name is Patricia ,may I ask what Bible is a more Truth Spoken Bible to have for daily ready and study with reference of Torah 's Truth?

  17. What days to celebrate ? It’s the holidays but I don’t want to be celebrating pagan holidays

  18. All ESTEEM TO THE MOST HIGH! I'm a former christian pastor, leader of deliverance in j.c."Hardcore Christianity" in Sacramento. *BUT*, after watchin some die, even a couple with children, the rest went back to their vomit. Another group I attended, Welcomed a witch&warlock. Let them be on the worship team. And when A Prophet and myself confronted them stopping the service, they SCREAMED AT Us Out The Doors Of Their Spiderweb. People I have known for decades. Now, on Sabbath night they drink hard alcohol, play dungeons and dragons and encourage eating pork🙄 Radio Shack closed here because I was almost executed in the back of one. And two of our triplet daughters passed away, separately. What YAH does to get our attention. NO more of that hot mess.

  19. You two are actually doing that now. You two are not teaching vital information needed just from scriptures pertaining to the tribes from the Middle East. There is the ten tribes that lived over in the fourth part world that migrated to the Americas during the Tower of Babel times. They have scriptures to of their experience with God and His Son. Those two sticks “doctrines” IS THE WHOLE GOSPEL you two are not teaching, had I not had itching ears, I would not have found this out with proof to back it up. Remember the Gentiles incorporated words in our scriptures to confuse us. Pick out the bones and eat the meat. Shalom

  20. Thank you so much for your teachings, I grew up going to church, my mom changed from catholic, baptist x3, COGx2 Pentecostal x2 and lastly Non Denominational, I was baptized in all except the last, because according to her I was an evil little girl because I said some things didn’t make sense, I was punished made to kneel down and recite prayers, beaten all the time, I just knew something was not right from a little child, until that Last ND church watching people act crazy speaking in tongues wigs flying of their heads putting them back on backwards, I still questioned but it was when they started an argument about how the members wasn’t giving enough and after church as we were walking out the church my son my almost 4 year old son said mommy “why are they fighting in the church” that just woke me up I knew the most high was speaking through him to send a message to me, I needed truth and my search started, I am so great-full to have found you, I wish I knew what I knew now so I could guide my children In the right way, your children and all around you are truly blessed. ❤️

  21. Thank you for this teaching 3 time listening to it, going through so much with the people I love and care about I feel like the black sheep, I know in time they will, and if they don’t it saddens me, I am having much faith.


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