Your victory is overshadowed by deception

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  1. An ON TIME Message & Word sent from ON HIGH as usual Brother & Sister. May HIS MAJESTY, THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM, Continue HIS bestowing of MANY Blessings upon Y'all & Family.


  2. This lesson came right on time!.Yah is always on time! I always enjoy watchman yahu and Deborah yah's teachings Shalom family

  3. Shabbat shalom family 🖤this lesson was on point !! Halleluyah I need this 🙌🏾 blessings to your family Watchmen

  4. Thank you both for taking the time to share YaH's with us. Glory to Yahuah for using you both to bring us His precious word. HalleluYah 🙌🏾

  5. You are such a beautiful picture of two characters in scriptures, Aquila and Priscilla, I ‘m in love with you both Shalom

  6. I was supposed to be doing light duty @ a warehouse and I started breaking down I told the man that I didn’t want to stay out there so he said I would get a call from the insurance company and I didn’t get a call until two weeks later and when I told him I wasn’t coming back because I was in so much pain from walking through the warehouse I got a call the minute I left he got mad when I left either I be in a wheelchair or have sense and leave while I can still walk

  7. So happy Yah help me to find you two so many years ago & I've been feeding from your abundant beautiful healthy spiritual harvest ever since. I believe my life would have been a complete mess without your harvest. Its Yahs & thy instructions is fruit that I need & so many others to prosper here & into the beyond. You two are indeed the very best there is (my opinion) doing what you do best, spreading the word. Stay blessed.

  8. 2 Corinthians 8:9 For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.

  9. Romans 8:32He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

  10. people tell me all the time i should be a comedian i tell the "no way im not joining the industry of satan" and they just look away and i smile and then i tell them about why i would not join the million dollar club

  11. So your story about the @!d$ patient reminded me of something Mike Adams the Health Ranger said on his documentary The Scientific Agenda to Exterminate the Black Race.

    He told of how we get what we need like energy for the sun, and this one Doc came up with a insurance scam where he said we had a disease that we did have, he even started treating us for said disease, getting money from the insurance company and killing our people at the same time!!
    Now I was being vague for 2 reason, I couldn’t say it verbatim and I don’t want to get place to ha’shaitan!!

  12. I am just curious 🤔about the 11 people that dislike this video. They are speaking the word of Yah. If you dont like it why watch it. SMH.

  13. Shalom ! i watched your video on the rapture and actually i was having this doubt that whether the strangers can also be caught up with the Israel?

  14. Sounds like a certain group of people on this earth going over there in Africa to offer some crums to the people who have everything "all these minerals" that they don't have in Europe 🤔… Astonishing!

  15. This is why so called “Conservative Republicans” are so adamant about the topic of abortion. Every child is money to this system…your death and birth was a part of the factory process that is this system. They need every U.S. citizen to feed the beast.

  16. Pastor Omar n wife says yesterday

    Comissiion approve study first x for Reperation

    His site reperation perpetation
    Iooked on google this morning it’s true

    He askin for our nation all field o come so help out our naition

  17. Yes that gutt cleaning that they do don't do eat more high fiber and drink good water pray you be ok if you listen to doctor they will tell you the truth. One doctor say your gutt is going to get you one of these days it's nature

  18. You are not isrealites….the bible is fake ….you just doing what the white man did first preach stupidity….you guys use fear to get people to believe

  19. You see, the MOST BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE in following The Most High GOD is that you receive BLESSINGS of signs and symbols of BEING ON THE STRAIGHT NARROW PATH TO RIGHTEOUSNESS — from GOD! Too MANY of "God's messengers" are pronouncing so many different names of their God that only MORE CONFUSION becomes the result of listening to these different YouTube channel-frequencies! So be it to whoEVER takes offense; so be it to who DOESN'T.

  20. Thank you soooòoo much for this lesson
    I especially loved how you demonstrated poverty being taken away deceptively as oposed to literally by faith in the word of the Most High hidden in our hearts.
    Thanks again for your Ministry👐👐👐

  21. Hello I live in Australia how can I and my family be saved we don't know any man off Yahoowah to baptise us and or any fellow ship to worship with we are indigenous peoples

  22. I really do understand but you are trying to say I read the Bible and I don't know who are you are you black Israelites what do you say about yourself

  23. Who cares if Jesus Christ is black, white, yellow green or blue salvation has no color. He said whosoever will may come. Mankind are sinners are sinners and Jesus Christ came to save mankind from sin, stop the dumb conversation, it is not a competition.

  24. People really think that they are selling their soul 🤔 how's that when your soul doesn't even belong to you to sell🤣🤣

  25. The poverty message is point on. I've always been drawn to the scripture in revelation where he addresses there concern regarding poverty in Revelation 2:8-9


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