Yuri Deigin on epigenetic rejuvenation, longevity research and transhumanists in politics

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Many thanks for the translation to Sophia Balashvili, Enso, Maria Ermolaeva

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00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Why Yuri’s life mission is to defeat aging
2:20 – Project of Yuri that aims at defeating aging
7:20 – Yuri wants a 100% life extension
13:10 – Research in epigenetic rejuvenation
21:24 – Solutions that work on animals don’t work on humans
29:39 – On longevity research
32:30 – Why transhumanism is unpopular
33:40 – Society is OK with dying
35:40 – How Yuri changed his views on dying being OK
39:52 – How to convince conservatives that dying is not OK
42:14 – Transhumanists should target younger people

#YuriDeigin #longevity #transhumanism

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Comment (11)

  1. Два русскоязычных чувака общаются на английском – какие молодцы! Аудитория у вас точно англоязычная? Нет? Ну тогда, хотябы, ай хоуп ю хэд сам фан, мазафакерз! )

  2. Книжный чел, ты читал книгу "Насосы интуиции и другие инструменты мышления" Дэниела Деннета ?
    Ищу книги, которые реально прокачивают мышление, делают умнее, может быть, что-то можешь посоветовать ?

  3. Mustreader looks a little bit upset, not so active for the podcast, this more like monologe of Yuri. What happen man? Are you upset of humanity still didn't get to killing death? But apart from this, very good video)))👍

  4. Bookperson was really quite, unlike his guest. On the topic, still nothing specific decisions to solve aging problem, only animals type or theoretical type products.

  5. Cool guest, thanks for interview! Actually you looks like brothers and think quite in one way, nice energy xD
    (btw good job about the accent's reducing, but at the start of the show you control yourself better than in the end of the video, beware and continue practise 😉

  6. I just watched to whole video, and, first, it's awesome. Yuri speaks freely about many important issues and I like very much his sense of urgency about undoing aging. I think the same way in that regard. However, I notice that he focus a lot on partial reprogramming techniques, which could be very useful, but in my view they are not the only very exciting way to undo aging. The repair approach, defended by Aubrey de Grey, also includes other technics, besides partial reprogramming. Indeed, partial reprogramming is useful inside the repair approach (specifically the SENS, by Aubrey de Grey), in order to solve the damage of lacking of cells, but in general, therapies like senolytics of AGE-breakers could repair as well relevant aging damages.


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