Yuval Noah Harari: Humans behind Machines – Davos 2020

Yuval Noah Harari participates in a panel discussion with Pierre Habbard, Doris Leuthard, E. Glen Weyl, moderated by Patrizia Laeri. This panel was in partnership with Swiss TV at the World Economic Forum 2020.

From data annotation farms and content moderation centres emerges a poorly understood and barely regulated shadow workforce of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This panel discusses how should labour policies adapt to the unique conditions of “digital assembly lines”?

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  1. Hell guys of the world, let us demand and put petition for the round table conversations with people yuval Noah Harrari, Jordan Peterson, sadhguru, Robert Greene, Slavoj zizek, Steven pinker, Richard Dawkins.
    This going to epic and enlightening for all of us to cherish and enrich ourselves.

  2. Interesting and informative; I have seen a Black Swan AI algorithm I would name Equality&Ethics and I have just bought Glen Weyl's Book to test for convergence. I will let you know the verdict, love Niels

  3. why my friends don't talk with me about all kind of technology. i want a pretty girl who enjoy talking about ai, biotech, nanotech or tech in general and the possibilities. by the way i m programmer and game developer. maybe I m a nerd and i talk weird things and behave weirdly or they lack information therefore they have no interest in what i m talking about.

  4. History proves mans ignorance, his greed, his ambition, and his desire for power. The issues that we must face in order not to destroy our world has nothing to do with 'what may happen' but rather what IS happening within the psychological state of human beings now. Unless, man understands his 'actions' and his 'self interests' which is always the action of reward and punishment, and pleasure and pain, which is always the action of fear, there will never be cooperation in the world. The human brain itself is conditioned by the past thousamds of years, and mans actions is bound by the past which is non action. Trust me when I say this, the AI machine has the potential to one day take over, not because they have some hidden agenda for power, but rather becuase man is so confused about his psychological state, his greed, his desires, his ambitions, his attachments, that he will willingly had over all of his power to the AI machine thinking that it's the only way to get ahead in this new way of living. It will be interesting to see the new wave of competition in the human psyche and the desire for power. If we thought competition, ambition, and greed couldn't be taken to another level. Just wait and see, it will be unlike anything we've seen in human history.


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