Zelenskyy says Ukraine captures pro-Putin politician Viktor Medvedchuk | World English News | WION

Into the seventh week of the Russian invasion, Ukraine said that they had arrested a pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk who is seen as president Putin’s closest ally in Ukraine.

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Comment (16)

  1. Zelensky has been the biggest miscalculation of world powers to date. He is so drunk on the miracle of comedian-cum-president he can't see the West will literally drop him like a hot potato when the Russians finally close in

  2. He is not Russian citizen he is Ukrainian opposition politician.Zelensky is idiot he will lose at least half of country thanks to his western bossies.

  3. Ukraine presidio has gone mad, he is exchangeing Ukraine opposition for captured Ukraine soldiers . am told before the war he was busy locking up all opposition members in Ukraine. this guy is masking adictactorship guising as a Ukraine leader war hero.

  4. He try to exchange NATO/ US General capture in Mariupol with this Guy. I dont think Putin will be okey for this.

  5. Forces of east should also be sent to help Russia and send the weapons also from India china and Israel to Russia

  6. He's been held for almost a years. He's the opposition party to Zelensky. He is supported by Eastern Ukrainians in the Donbass. Zelensky has outlawed all opposition parties. Why bring him out now? If he'd escaped, he wouldn't still be in Ukraine. There are US, French, NATO held up, trapped in the Steel Works Building in Mariupol in the Donbass. The are surrounded by Donbass militia, Chechen troops and Russian military. Several helicopters have been sent in rescue attempts. Some have been shot down. There was a rescue attempt, Lighthouse via the Black Sea. These must be high level personnel. Otherwise why risk so many attempting to rescue them?

  7. You have to see film by Oliver Stone Ukraine on fire with Medvedchuk… Zelenskiy is a nazi terrorist, Medvedchuk is close to 70 y.o., even his wife asked Erdoğan to help to save his life. Zelensky with nazi army will burn in hell, be sure.

  8. So this is the famous democracy of Ukraine that is arresting its own opposition politicians. This guy headed a legitimate opposition party to Zelensky. Here is his political resume in Ukraine from wikipedia.

    From 1997 to 2002 Medvedchuk was a member of the Ukrainian parliament.[1] Medvedchuk served between 2002 and 2005 as chief of staff to former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma.[3][4] After this he was absent from national politics until 2018.[1] In November 2018, Medvedchuk was elected chairman of the political council of the political party For Life, which later merged into the Opposition Platform — For Life party.[6] In the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election, the party won 37 seats on the nationwide party list and six constituency seats.[7] As he placed third on the 2019 election list of Opposition Platform — For Life, Medvedchuk was elected to parliament.

    And WION says "he was tolerated previously " . Since when civilian citizens of your own country are "tolerated" and "not tolerated"?

  9. Only here Medvedchuk did not run away anywhere and was sitting at home under house arrest with a tracking bracelet on his leg. It must have been very difficult for the Ukrainian special services to catch him.


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