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Will You Survive the Sieve of Vanity?

Will you survive the sieve of vanity? There is a little recognized prophecy in the book of Isaiah that speaks about the sieve of vanity. This is a promise to sift the nations. Well, we are in this season, and we need to know what awaits the world. will you survive it? This teaching shows […]
The Rainbow Dragon (Powerful End Time Prophetic Dream)!

The Rainbow Dragon (Powerful End Time Prophetic Dream)!

This is our take on a dream that was shared with us. We believe this is a powerful end time dream given to the world. Watch as we break down just a few parts of this dream. A must watch. Our teaching website: Our video website: https;// 24/7 online radio: Bible Truth Revealed! […]

Thy Dead Men Shall Live!

This teaching looks into the history of the whole house of Yasharal: the history of the sins of our fathers, and the promise of them living again in Messiah Yahusha. This shows us why we are where we are. Additionally, it gives us more insights into the true salvation that is in the scriptures: the […]

Keeping Our Immersion (Baptism) Undefiled

Keeping our immersion (baptism) undefiled is a task we all have to undertake. When we follow Acts 2:38, we repent and immerse in the name of Yahusha HaMashiach (for the remission of our sins). Little do most of us know that we have made a covenant with the most High not to be defiled. Yes, […]

Deuteronomy 28 (Part 5)

Deuteronomy 28 is one of our favorite “go to” chapters as it shows up what the world seeks to hide. What is that? Who the descendants of the children of Yasharal (Israel) are today. As we keep repeating in the previous episodes, according to Psalms 83, there is a worldwide conspiracy to ensure no one […]