The Promised Land Is in the Southern Hemisphere! More Proof!!!

This is part 2 of our previous video entitled: “Why The Biblical Year Starts In The Southern Hemisphere.”

In that previous video, we looked at showing how the year began in the southern hemisphere, because the land of Yasharal is located south. In that video, I spoke of how I hoped I did not omit anything.

However, I did leave out a very, very important detail, which will show without a doubt, that the land of Yasharal was recorded in the bible as not being in the location that they say Israel is located today! This is what we will show again in this video, and this should even be more profound than the previous video.

Part 1: Why The Biblical Year Starts in the Southern Hemisphere

The True Location of Jerusalem

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Big Clue!!! Abraham Sojourned in a Land He Was to Inherit

Why Jerusalem Must Be Desolate at This Time

A Land Of Briers and Thorns: True Location of Israel (Yasharal) Today

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